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Tivoli Park Glasshouse

The Tivoli Park Glasshouse, owned and managed by the Ljubljana Botanic Garden since the Garden's 200th anniversary in 2010, displays a permanent exhibition of tropical plants.

The plants displayed in the glasshouse also include several tropical plants which people normally know how to use but do not know what they look like, such as pineapple, black pepper, coffee, and vanilla orchids. Apart from pineapple, visitors are able to see a variety of other bromeliads, some of which have extremely attractive flowers. Also on view are yellow oleander, medinilla, a number of plants with brightly coloured foliage flourishing in the undergrowth, and some of the plants interesting because of the way they collect water in their bracts.

Apart from tending the plants on permanent exhibition, the Garden also develops new plant collections. The recently introduced collection of cacti and spurges is currently complemented by a plant arrangement consisting mainly of orchids. An exhibition of Mediterranean plants is on view in front of the glasshouse during the summer months.

In the immediate vicinity of the glasshouse you can visit a rose garden featuring selected rose varieties, including the cultivar 'Ljubljana'.


Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:00.


Admission to the glasshouse is free.