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Triglav Insurance Company Palace



The Triglav Insurance Company Palace, a grand building constructed between 1928 and 1930 to a design by Jože Plečnik and his team, is characterised by an unusual shape and a magnificent fasade. Its main entrance, located at the corner of the building, leads to a famous trapezoidal staircase adorned with marble columns.

The building's frontage is divided into two parts, the ground floor and mezzanine part with a smooth fasade finish and the upper part, finished in brick. The spaces between the windows are decorated with stone balustrades and, in the upper three storeys, monumental brick columns. The frieze above the third floor windows is adorned with stylized figures linked together with ribbons to symbolize mutuality, and a smaller frieze above it with child figures symbolizing solidarity between generations.

The building's courtyard fasade is different from its street frontage. Its most prominent elements are a row of balconies used as an external corridor and a semicircular side stair turret.


The building is not open to tourists. 


Miklošičeva cesta 19 1000 Ljubljana