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The restaurant Valvas'or may be named after a famous figure in Slovenian history, the polymath Janez Vajkard Valvasor (1641–1693), who was born in a house next door, but its approach to culinary arts is distinctly modern. Its cuisine is mainly characterized by Mediterranean flavours, but its menu also includes items typical of European cuisine. The restaurant has an interesting interior, where the architectural features of an old townhouse are combined with elements of modern architecture.

Menu choice: Slovenian dishes, Mediterranean dishes, seafood, game dishes, vegetarian dishes, dietary dishes, grilled dishes, lunchtime menus, desserts, premium Slovenian wines.

Additional amenities: outdoor seating, high chairs.


Monday to Saturday 12:00-23:00, Sunday and public holidays closed.

Catering offer

  • Traditional Slovenian cuisine
  • Fine dining
  • World cuisine

Accessible to persons with movement disabilities

  • Designated path from the car park/public transport to the building
  • Adequate access to the building for persons with movement disabilities (hallways, staircase, lift, etc.)

Accessible to the blind and partially sighted

  • Accessible services for the blind and partially sighted (colour contrasts, menu, etc.)


It is recommended that you book your table in advance.
A room for private gatherings or parties can be arranged for groups.


Stari trg 7 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 425 04 55, +386 (0)41 381 561

Email: info@valvasor.net

Web site: Valvas'or

The offer includes