Vurnik House

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Vurnik house or the Cooperative Business Bank building, located in the Miklošičeva ulica street, is one of Ljubljana's most famous buildings. Despite being situated in a brightly coloured Art Nouveau quarter, its richly decorated fasade makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings. Built in 1921 to a design by the architect Ivan Vurnik, it is considered to be one of the finest examples of Slovenian national style architecture.

The inside of the building boasts a large reception hall with wall paintings and a glass ceiling constructed from small blue squares of glass with an inbuilt decorative strip made from various coloured bottles. The staircase hall on the first and second floors is decorated with stained glass windows depicting geometric motifs.

The building's fasade frescoes and interior wall paintings are the work of the architect Vurnik's Viennese-born wife Helena, who had taken part in her husband's research and design of distinctive Slovenian architecture. Her geometric ornaments in red, white and blue, the colour combination of the Slovenian tricolour, are mixed with elements of Slovenian iconography, such as stylized spruce-wooded and cornfield landscapes, vine plants and women in Slovenian national costumes.


The building is not open to tourists. 


Miklošičeva cesta 8 1000 Ljubljana