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prostor v slogu Alice v čudežni deželi

© WonderLand

Wonderland is a new magical culinary space in the heart of Ljubljana.

Wonderland is not just another restaurant-café; it is a place where you will encounter charming flavors and create unforgettable moments in a picturesque fantasy environment. Carefully designed ambiance creates a playful yet elegant setting, perfect for any occasion - from intimate brunches to lively gatherings.

Try their imaginative all-day brunch, delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or satisfy your sweet tooth with delightful cakes of the sweetest flavors. They offer a wide selection of special drinks that are as magical as the space itself.

Wonderland is not just a place to taste exceptional food; they also pride themselves on being a venue for capturing beautiful moments that you can share with the world.


Slovenska cesta 51 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 51 349 101

Web site: WonderLand