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Where and when can I pick up my Ljubljana Tourist Card?

You can pick up your Ljubljana Tourist Card at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC). Select your pickup location when purchasing the card online.

Tourist Information Centre (TIC), Adamič Lundrovo nabrežje 2, Ljubljana. Opening hours: Monday–Saturday 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Sundays and holidays 8.00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Can I tailor my tour or trip according to my wishes?

Each one of the tourist arrangements listed on our website is already determined; this means the itineraries are set and cannot be altered. Luckily, we offer a diverse selection of tours and trips so we suggest you check what each arrangement includes, and we are positive you will find one which suits your needs and wishes.

Can I book a tour or trip on location?

All tourist arrangements can be booked through our website www.visitljubljana.com or in one of our tourist information centres at the Stritarjeva Street or the Krekov Trg Square in Ljubljana. The ticket for a tourist arrangement or a city tour cannot be purchased on location or at the starting point.

Do you offer special prices for children?

For most tourist arrangements in our offer the price for children is reduced (usually by half) or free entrance is available up to a certain age. When selecting an arrangement, please check the prices in the price tab and select the reduced prices for a child. If the only option is “Adults” everybody attending the tour or trip will be charged the same price.

Are the car seats for children available?

Most of our providers offer car seats for children, yet we recommend inquiring beforehand.

I travel alone, yet the arrangement requires a minimum of two people to run? What should I do?

Most of our tours and trips require at least 2 persons to run. We suggest you place your reservation anyway. Usually, a group will form different people booking the same arrangement. You will be notified whether the booking is confirmed and the programme will run.

How many people are necessary for a group reservation? Do you offer an additional discount for groups?

We offer special prices for groups ordering guided tours of Ljubljana by prior arrangement. The price for trips for groups of more than 10 persons is negotiable. We recommend you visit our website or contact us at simona.flego@visitljubljana.si for more information about the group tours of the city.

How do I check the tour/trip availability?

You can check availability at any time before the beginning of the reservation process. Do not worry – your reservation is not confirmed until you enter your credit card information and confirm the purchase.

Since we must wait for the confirmation from the organiser of the trip on the requested date, we cannot guarantee the availability before you receive the final confirmation e-mail.

TIP: Despite the available dates, we cannot be completely positive the tour or the trip is available, therefore we suggest you book your dates as soon as possible!

I wish to place reservations on certain dates, yet your calendar shows no availability on those dates in the future. How do I proceed?

The availability of the arrangements on the website is updated according to the seasons – summer/winter. The tour you are interested in will be updated with available data for the next season yet we cannot be sure when the process will be concluded.

In this case, you have several options:

  • You can save the tour or the trip to your favourites (Add to MyVisit) and return later before the desired date of the trip.
  • Contact us at shop@visitljubljana.si.
  • Many of our arrangements are similar. We advise you to check for similar tours or activities on our website which may already be available on the set dates.

Will my credit card data be safe? Do you archive information about my credit card into your system?

The Tourism Ljubljana public institute (javni zavod Turizem Ljubljana) does not collect numbers or any other information regarding the credit cards from the buyers on this website. This information is collected solely by the providers of credit card payment. In case of misuse of your credit card you can submit possible claims to your provider of payment services pursuant to the provisions of the Payment Services and Systems Act (Zakon o plačilnih storitvah in sistemih, ZPlaSS). The provider is not liable for any damages occurred to the customer on behalf of the credit card misuse.

There is an error reported during the processing of the order. How do I proceed?

If your attempt at purchase reports an error, we suggest you try again in a few minutes. In case the system keeps reporting the error, please send an e-mail to shop@visitljubljana.si to notify us of the issues and we will gladly assist you.

How can I obtain the confirmation of the reservation?

Your reservation confirmation will be automatically forwarded to your e-mail address upon reservation. By placing your reservation, you agree the provider can issue you an invoice for goods or a tourist arrangement only in an electronic form and send the invoice via e-mail or any other means of electronic communication.

If you purchased the Ljubljana Card, you will receive a return e-mail with the purchase confirmation, and if you purchased a tourist arrangement you will receive a notification that the means on your credit card have been reserved in the amount of the desired purchase. You will receive the final confirmation of your order within 24 hours. In case the arrangement is available, you will also receive a voucher. In case the arrangement is not available in the defined period you will receive a notification, upon which the pre-authorization hold for the purchase amount will be removed from your credit card.

My reservation is still ongoing, and I have not received a confirmation?

We will check if the selected period has enough available spots and finally confirm your reservation within 24 hours, and then you will receive a voucher to your e-mail address. The General Terms and Conditions specify: “If the provider does not send any notifications to the user within 24 hours, it is considered the tourist arrangement is not available and the contract between the user and the provider is therefore not concluded.”

How long does it take to receive my voucher after I have placed my reservation?

The final confirmation will be received with 24 hours after the reservation when we receive the confirmation from the supplier. A voucher will be sent your e-mail address with the confirmation.

The payment confirmation, which is sent to you within 24 hours and you bring with you on the departure day, is not the voucher.

In case you fail to receive your voucher in this time period, please check your spam inbox.

Do I have to print out my voucher or is it enough if I keep the electronic version on my mobile device?

We recommend you bring your voucher in a printed version, but it is enough if you present it on your mobile device or tablet.

How do I cancel my reservation?

We understand travel plans can sometimes change! Most of the arrangements from our offer can be cancelled 24 or 48 hours prior to the selected date; in this case, the paid amount is returned to your credit card in full, and in case of shorter cancellation deadline only a partial amount is returned.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Point 12 of Paragraph 5 of the Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov, ZVPot) the buyer does not have the right to resign from the contract with the provider regarding the purchase of the Ljubljana Card.

How do I know the trip has been cancelled?

Occasionally, unpredicted circumstances cause the trip to be cancelled in the last moment. While we are trying our best to avoid such situations, our travel operators will notify you as soon as possible via e-mail through our system or will try to contact you if they have the access to your telephone number.

In case the ordered tourist arrangement is not possible to organise, and your credit card has been burdened by the amount of the tourist arrangement, the paid amount will be returned to your credit card.

I have cancelled the reservation or the tourist arrangement has been cancelled. How long will it take to receive my paid amount to my credit card?

In case the ordered tourist arrangement is not possible to organise and your credit card has been burdened by the amount of the tourist arrangement, the paid amount will be returned to your credit card. The amount will be returned to your credit card within 14 days.

Do I need health insurance?

Each of our providers of tourist arrangements guarantees insurance, but only during the transport. You are not additionally insured during the tour, the sightseeing or outside the vehicle. If you would like to be additionally insured, we recommend you to arrange for the tourist insurance before leaving home.