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In collaboration with the inhabitants of various districts of the city and representatives of the creative sector, Ljubljana Tourism is working hard to promote the development of recognisable cultural and artistic quarters.


The project falls into the context of the development of sustainable tourism in the city. Visitors to Ljubljana currently spend most of their time in the city centre, where the majority of sights are located. The basic aim of the project is therefore to widen the scope of their visit to other parts of Ljubljana.

We chose the cultural quarters concept because Ljubljana is a city with enormous potential in this field. Cultural quarters are already developing spontaneously in certain parts of the city. At the same time, such quarters are attractive and interesting to visitors and residents alike, since they are manageable and within easy reach of the centre, offer opportunities for a variety of experiences and reflect the genuine pulse of the city.

Library under the trees photo Matej Perko

We are therefore endeavouring to:

  • include the local population in the development of tourism,
  • establish regular and targeted communication with cultural institutions, public institutions, programme providers, NGOs and other entities operating in various districts of the city,
  • expand the cultural offering in the city,
  • offer authentic elements of the Ljubljana way of life to visitors.

The idea of the project is for cultural quarters to develop as “cities in miniature” with a wide range of attractions for visitors including elements of local life such as immovable cultural heritage, sports activities, cultural and artistic events, food and drink, and so on. The identification points of individual cultural quarters will operate at the local, traditional, global, ecological and experiential levels.