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Cycling marathon

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  • 8 Jun 2024, 08:00-12:30

    Kongresni trg square

Barjanka, a cycling event within the BTC City Franja Marathon, will present to cycling lovers the natural beauty of Ljubljana Marshes. It will also recall the beginnings of cycling competitions when they were still held on macadam roads.

The route of Barjanka, leading the contestants through the Ljubljansko barje Nature Park, is 72 kilometers long. The marathon will start at Kongresni trg square in Ljubljana and finish at BTC City Ljubljana.

Barjanka Hervis is a cycling event that aims to showcase the beauty of Ljubljana Marshes and evoke memories of the beginning of cycling competitions when the first cycling races were still held on gravel roads. In addition to exceptional natural landmarks and world cultural heritage, Ljubljana Marshes is also endowed with a discovery of global significance, which is over 5,000 years old based on analysis. A remarkable discovery of a disc-shaped wheel with an axle was found by archaeologists in early spring 2002 in the area of the pile-dwelling settlement of Stare Gmajne in the southwest of Ljubljana Marshes.

Ljubljana Marshes, inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a unique natural area situated on the threshold of Ljubljana. This area of wetlands and peat bogs is known for its rare animal and vegetal species and for the remains of the prehistoric pile dwellings, where, among other important finds, archaeologists recovered the world's oldest wooden wheel, made more than 5,000 years ago.

BTC City Franja Marathon is the largest cycling event in Slovenia and is a part of the UWCT Grand Fondo world series. Its races are run on six different routes, all together more than 380 km in length.


Find more information about the competition and register at the BTC City Franja Marathon website.

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