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Vlado Kreslin, Mali bogovi & Beltinška banda

Guest: Masayah

Vlado Kreslin CD 6.12.2023  MMirt 0650

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  • 31 Aug 2024 ob 20:30

    Križanke Summer Theatre

On 31 August, the Slovene singer and songwriter Vlado Kreslin will perform at the Ljubljana Festival for the 33rd time with his groups Mali bogovi and Beltinška banda, while this year’s special guest will be Masayah.  

Vlado Kreslin is a musician, songwriter, performer and troubadour who celebrates freedom, multi-ethnicity, community, solidarity and the joy of life. Instead of rehashing his old work or relying on nostalgia, Kreslin keeps surprising us with new songs, even more playful than those of decades ago, more optimistic and upbeat in times of crisis in a changing world. Let every day begin with Kreslin’s Vse se da and it will be a brighter one.
The Ježek Awards Jury, 2020 

Vlado Kreslin is a musical phenomenon whose immediacy, outstanding poetry, and voice, with its mysterious veil, have for decades revealed more than his soul – they have given us a mirror, they have given us cultural heritage, indeed, they have given us back our very selves, in such a subtle and sophisticated way that we hardly notice it, yet we yearn for his music time and again.


More information is available on the organizer's website.

Tickets: 45 €, 55 € (on the day of the event 49 €, 59 €)

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