Let's go to Grosuplje

Grosuplje and its surroundings are still relatively undiscovered by the tourists, and it is worth the visit. The location is the edge of the Dolenjska region, which is characterized by natural Karst features as well as interesting cultural heritage.

Check out what you can experience in Grosuplje. Take a trip and share your photographs with the #CentralSlovenia hashtag. 

Sights and Experiences

  • The Županova jama Cave is the most beautiful cave in the Dolenjska region. It is about 330 meters long and it extends to the depth of 122 meters underground. The cave comprises of six chambers and features all the characteristic subterranean Karst curiosities, such as abysses, tunnels, all types of dripstones, shallow calcareous sinter polls and ice dripstones in the winter.
  • The Tabor nad Cerovim and the Church of St. Nicholas (Cerkev sv. Nikolaja) is one of the rarely preserved camps against the invasion of Turks and one of the most important cultural and historical monuments in Slovenia. You can learn about the camp during a guided tour each Sunday at 4.30 p.m., which is scheduled after the Županova jama cave tour.
  • The Kingfisher Trail (Po sledehvodomca) educational trail at Log pod Cerovim leads through the forest and wetlands, offering you an opportunity to experience the natural heritage and birdwatching.
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Best Photographing Spots

Grosuplje is not known for its many recognizable viewing spots or photogenic sights, yet you can encounter many spots by the road on the hills, toward Krka or Cerovo, with a beautiful view of the landscape, enriched with the morning mist.

  • Particularly photogenic is The Radensko polje field, with lovely motifs of the flatland due to the kingdoms of birds, if you manage to locate a spot above the field. The Boštanj Pond stands out, but you will have to share it with the fishermen.
  • The Županova jama cave is a smaller version of the Postonjska jama cave, the lighting system is excellent and it is never swamped by visitors, which means you can eternalize the sculptures of dripstones and the chambers.
  • One of the perfect photographing locations, especially in the early morning and late afternoon, is The Kingfisher Trail (Po sledeh vodomca) in Log beneath the Cerovo village. The ponds with the observatories and the abundance of plants and animals offer great motifs. You must schedule a visit.
  • In the Luče settlement, in a little valley under the Grosuplje – Krka road, you can find a solitary Church of St. Ožbolt, which is a beautiful motif with the fields in the background, while you can capture the valley itself and the ascends behind it.
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Let's Eat Something Delicious

  • The Lunca Restaurant (Gostišče Lunca) in Zagradec pri Grosupljem offers a quality selection of dishes in a lovely ambiance.
  • The Bar pr'Martinet is a very special restaurant without a real kitchen. They use a fireplace, which has been modified into a furnace to prepare meat from under a saj, smoke the trout and cook in pottery. Reservation is mandatory.
  • The Grofija Tourist Farm (Turistična kmetija Grofija) in Vir pri Stični has a long family tradition. The ingredients for their dishes come from their own garden and orchard.

What do the surroundings offer?

  • The Cistercian monastery in Stična (Stična Abbey) with a Museum of Christianity is one of the most important historical monuments in Slovenia.
  • The Radensko polje field with the emerging regional park is one of the most characteristic Karst fields in Slovenia. The streams from the surrounding hills run to the field and the water disappears into a number of undergrounds caves and ponors.

Transportation Possibilities

The suburban LPP bus line no. 3G takes you to Grousplje. If you are coming from Ljubljana, you can also take a train, and since the area of this trip is large, we recommend personal transportation.

Where to Sleep?

  • The Kongo Hotel is located on the road from Ljubljana and it is known for its contemporary furnishing due to a recent renovation.
  • The Gostišče Goršič in Grosuplje offers rooms for one or more persons and a suite with a kitchen for two persons.
  • The Gostišče Lunca offers accommodation in one of their five double bedrooms.