Let's go to Kamnik!

The town of Kamnik has a rich history and cultural heritage, and there are many cultural events and performances in the old town centre attracting visitors throughout the year.

Check out what to see and do in Kamnik. Take a trip there and share your photos with the hashtag #Ljubljanaregion

Experience Kamnik

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The best photo locations

The Kamnik old town centre with its wonderful motifs is naturally worth a visit. Our photo hotspots:

  • Šutna – more you move away from the church, more beautiful the motif of the street with the belfry and angels peeking over the roofs. Try to capture an empty street, especially in the morning with faint sunlight or in the evening when the sun sets behind the church.
  • The Mali grad dominates over the old town centre. You can take a photo from the Veronika cafe courtyard or over the backyard of the last house before the cemetery – if you are not chased away by the owner’s dog.
  • From Mali grad the view opens to the town centre, mountains in the background and the church at the cemetery. The building itself can be best viewed from the walls below, and if you go right to the edge of town walls you fill find a small medieval square.
  • The Zaprice Castle is appealing in photographs, especially from the path leading to it. In the right light, granaries exhibited on the meadow by the castle will pose for you from the Tuhinj Valley. Behind the fence, to the west, orchards with the St. Nicholas Church in the background are also a beautiful motif.
  • The Stari grad offers a great view of the Kamniška Bistrica Field and to the Kamnik–Savinja Alps, and also the Zaprice Castle and the St. Anne Church in Tunjice.
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What the region has to offer?

  • You will enjoy the nature of Kamniška Bistrica. A spring and a stone bridge provide a wonderful theme for a beautiful photo.
  • For a little exercise, we recommend an ascent to St. Primus above Kamnik.
  • Flowers always look good on photos, and you will find many in the largest botanical garden in Slovenia, Arboretum Volčji Potok, which is pleasing to the eye in all seasons.

Let’s eat something delicious

  • The Gostilna Repnik restaurant and inn offers delicious tasting menus with local dishes prepared with a modern twist. Prices are reasonable as well.
  • The Korobač restaurant is located in the town centre, at the crossroads of history, culture and local quality.
  • The Pri planinskem orlu restaurant offers a wide selection of home-made dishes.

Transport options

The best way to travel to Kamnik is by public bus. The Kam Bus transport provider has good bus links. During the summer holidays, i.e. until 31 August, there is also a special tour bus driving to tourist attractions in the vicinity of Kamnik.
You can also rent conventional and electric bicycles at the tourist information centre for an easier access to more remote tourist attractions.
You can also jump on a train on weekdays.

Where to spend a night?

A perfect place to #relax

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