Let's go to Polhov Gradec

Polhov Gradec is a picturesque village in the Polhograjsko Hribovje hill area, which offers a number of interesting activities for the whole family.

Check what you can experience in Polhov Gradec and its surroundings. Take a trip and share your photographs with the #Ljubljanaregion hashtag. 

Experience Polhov Gradec

  • The Polhov Gradec Mansion, which is the greatest sight in Polhov Gradec, houses the Museum of Post and Telecommunications and the Local Museum of Polhov Gradec. Once upon a time, the Mansion was a home to Count Blagaj and his wife Antonija – upon agreement you can have tea with then on any Friday.
  • By visiting the Dormouse Experience Park the children can learn about the nature, forest animals and the interesting facts about the Polhov Gradec by following the story of a dormouse. The visit is also interesting to the parents.
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Best photo spots

Polhov Gradec is a small and compact settlement and you should have no problem finding the two spots for photographing the location in the settlement itself; a marked path leads to a hill above the settlement, and the other spot is located on the meadow underneath the settlement.

  • The most famous and photogenic spot of the Polhov Gradec is the mansion above the settlement, which guaranteed excellent photographing motifs with its well-groomed park and just the lighting
  • Some beautiful views can also be enjoyed from the Kalvarija hill above the town.
  • The best photo spots of the Polhov Gradec can be found outside the settlement nearby the churches on the hilltops or the ascends of the surrounding hills, which are many. One of such spots is the Črni Vrh with the St. Lenart church; you can capture the church on the hill and a chapel on its foot in one image.
  • The St. Ursula church in Setnica is located on the ascend underneath the Polhograjska Grmada, and the church is photogenic from all possible angles, and that special touch is provided by the view to the surrounding hills.
  • The Polhograjska Grmada and the St. Lawrence (Sv. Lovrenc) hill directly above the settlement provide excellent views as well.
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Let's eat something delicious

  • The Gostilna Pri Pratkarju restaurant in the Polhov Gradec is known for its traditional ambience and a quality offer of local Slovenian dishes.
  • The Pograjski Dom is located in the picturesque narrow valley in the middle of the Polhograjsko Hribovje hill area with a small river running through. Their offer is a selection of international and Slovenian dishes at reasonable prices.
  • The Gostišče Grič restaurant is located in the Šentjošt nad Horjulom village and you will be grateful we directed you to them. They prepare traditional Slovenian dished in a contemporary way.

What do the surroundings offer?

  • The St. Lawrence (Sv. Lovrenc) is the closest hilltop in the Polhograjski Dolomiti hill area. The starting point for the ascend is across the Polhograjska Graščina at the Blagaj educational trail. The ascend is one hour long and the view from the top with a picturesque church is wonderful.
  • The Polhograjska Grmada hilltop is slightly more demanding than the hiking trip to the St. Lawrence. The ascend, which is possible on various paths, is about an hour and a half long. The Grmada hilltop offers a wonderful view of the Ljubljanska Kotlina basin, the Kamnik Alps and the surrounding hills. At the foot of the hill, before the final ascent, you can refresh at the Gonte Open Farm.
  • The second tallest hill in the Polhograjsko Hribovje hill area is the Pasja Ravan. The easiest path to the top is from the Črni Vrh in one hour. A road leads from the Črni Vrh to the Pasja Raven, which is a popular destination of recreational cyclists.

Transportation options

Polhov Gradec is connected with the city bus No. 51 from the Ljubljana City Transport (LPP) company.

If you wish to explore the surrounding area, we recommend own transportation.

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Where to sleep?

  • The Možinetova hiša in Šentjošt nad Horjulom offers 4 comfortable apartments in a renovated historical house of once wealthy farmers.
  • The Pograjski Dom restaurant includes a smaller hostel with a one-bed and a three-bed room.