Koper is a vibrant historical coastal town whose picturesque appearance is mainly due to Venetian influences.

On the island of Capris, first settled in Roman times, a harbour town was growing gradually over the periods when the area was ruled by the Byzantines, Istrian margraves and patriarchs of Aquileia. Later, under the Venetian rule, the town assumed its present Italian name (Capo d'Istria) and picturesque appearance, and experienced a period of massive economic and cultural boom.

Over the course of history, Koper, now the economic centre of Slovenian Istria, underwent significant change and development while at the same time managing to maintain its ties to the past. In the 19th century, Koper was gradually being connected to the mainland, and as embankments and road and railway causeways were growing, so was the town's importance for the life of the region.

Koper has one of the most picturesque old city centres of all the towns and cities in Slovenia. Due to its well developed tourism infrastructure and programme of open-air events, it is getting more and more vibrant every year.

Koper owes most of its vibrancy to its beach and marina and the fact that over the recent years it has become a popular stop-off point for cruise ships. The town and its hinterland offer an excellent opportunity to taste fine Istrian food and locally produced wine and olive oil.

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