Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a popular tourist resort particularly famous for offering excellent winter sports opportunities. Set in an area of great natural beauty, it is also well known for its extremely scenic walking, cycling, trekking and climbing routes.

Every year, the Kranjska Gora resort hosts several major sporting events, including the World Cup ski jumping and ski flying competitions in Planica and the Vitranc Cup alpine skiing competition. Kranjska Gora also plays host to various entertainment, cultural and folklore events.

What is special about Kranjska Gora's ski offerings is the diversity of its ski runs, which provide excellent skiing opportunities for anyone from beginners to top-class skiers and are accessible practically from the doorstep of the resort town's hotels. Kranjska Gora's surrounding areas offer over 40 kilometres of well groomed cross-country ski trails, and the slopes of the surrounding mountains excellent opportunities for off-piste skiing, ice climbing and tobogganing.

During the summer months, the most popular activities are hiking and trekking. Kranjska Gora has a wide diversity of routes, from the easiest recreational ones to serious trekking routes suitable only for experienced and appropriately equipped mountaineers accompanied by a mountain guide. One of the routes particularly worth mentioning leads to the two Martuljek waterfalls. Another interesting route, known as the Triglavska Bistrica River Path (Pot Triglavske Bistrice), runs through the Vrata valley, past a string of natural attractions of the Triglav National Park. A number of scenic high mountain routes start from Vršič, Slovenia's best known mountain pass.

Kranjska Gora also provides numerous opportunities for mountain biking. The lovers of adrenaline-fuelled experiences can go on an attractive downhill ride in the area's mountain bike park or visit the Besna Pehta summer toboggan run. The latter is also the venue for organized family-orientated experiences including tubing down the Bedančeva drča chute, nature trailing in the Škratova dežela land of dwarves, trips to the Kekčeva dežela park, themed on a series of famous Slovenian children's books, and walking tours along the Pot triglavskih pravljic fairy-tale trail. For golf lovers there is a practice field at the confluence of the Pišnica and Sava rivers. The resort's hotels boast a range of different wellness facilities, including swimming pools, massage parlours and various saunas.