The Lipica Stud Farm, founded in 1580 by the Austrian archduke Karl von Habsburg, was the world's first stud farm to breed Lipizzaner horses. Today it breeds exclusively horses of this noble breed and boasts a world famous classical riding school.

Several horse riding programmes are available to tourists. The Farm's surrounding area, which has for centuries been used for the breeding of Lipizzaner horses, has developed into a culturally significant landscape, criss-crossed with nature trails.

Today, Lipica is a tourist resort offering, apart from horse riding, hotel accommodation and gambling facilities. The farm complex includes a gallery dedicated to the work of the painter Avgust Černigoj, one of the central figures of the Slovenian historical avant-garde movement of the 1920s and 30s. The gallery's permanent exhibition includes around 400 works and provides an overview of the painter's career of over six decades.