Maribor, Slovenia's second biggest city, is the centre of the Štajerska region. It is situated along the banks of the Drava river and set against the backdrop of the Pohorje mountains and rolling vine-covered hills. 

Its character is quite different from that of Ljubljana. Even though it was settled quite early in history, it only began to flourish in the Middle Ages. Maribor owes its character and appearance to a number of historical monuments, including a well preserved old city centre with a castle, a famous 13th century church of St. John the Baptist, the remains of a town wall with four defence towers, a medieval market and a number of other monuments from different historical and architectural periods from the Renaissance to the present day.

Referred to as "the city of wine", Maribor is famous for the world's oldest vine, planted well over four hundred years ago. The centre of the city's wine culture is Lent, a picturesque riverbank area along the Drava river, where ships used to be unloaded in the past. Over 300 different brands of wine are available from the local wine shop. The city also boasts a huge wine cellar covering an area of 20,000 square metres. Maribor is a vibrant city offering a wide and diverse programme of events. The ensemble of its opera house is widely recognised for its achievements. The Lent area hosts a popular summer festival and the slopes of the nearby Pohorje mountains the women's Alpine Skiing World Cup competition for the Golden Fox Trophy, held in early January each year.

Maribor and its surrounding areas offer a diverse tourism product. The Pohorje mountain range, one of Slovenia's most beautiful scenic areas, is a popular destination for hikers and skiers. A number of spa resorts and wellness centres are located in the city's surrounding areas. 

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