Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle

The town of Postojna is famous worldwide for its underground caves and the nearby Predjama Castle. 

The Postojna Caves, one of Slovenia's most spectacular natural sights, consist of a 27-kilometre underground system of passages, tunnels, galleries and chambers with wonderful dripstones.

The caves, also famous for providing a home to the olm (Proteus anguinus), an amphibian salamander endemic to subterranean waters of southern Europe, can be viewed from a small cave train.

Predjama Castle, part of which is built into a 123-metre high vertical cliff face, was originally known as the home of the legendary 15th-century rebellious knight Erasmus. After coming into conflict with the imperial court in Vienna, Erasmus shut himself in the castle and resisted an Austrian siege for a very long time. The castle, which assumed its present Renaissance appearance in the 16th century, now houses a museum. 

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