Internet and mobile phones

The WiFree Ljubljana wireless network allows visitors to Ljubljana city centre to use free wireless internet for up to 60 minutes a day. The holders of the Ljubljana Tourist Card can enjoy 24-hour free access to the WiFree Ljubljana network. Wireless access to the websites owned by the City Municipality of Ljubljana, including the Visit Ljubljana tourist website, through the WiFree Ljubljana network is free for everyone for an unlimited period of time.

The Visit Ljubljana website on mobile devices

The Visit Ljubljana website can easily be viewed on all kinds of mobile devices as its design enables automatic adaptation of the website layout to various screen sizes. The website enables smartphone and tablet users to pinpoint their current location and nearby points of interest, and use the MyVisit online planning tool to easily put together a schedule for their trip to Ljubljana and its surrounding areas.

Internet access in the greater city area

Wireless internet access is available from the majority of hotels in Ljubljana, in most cases free of charge. Free wireless internet access is also offered by a large number of the city's cafés and bars. Several public internet access points are available to those travelling without a computer or an internet-capable mobile phone.

The cost of data transfer on mobile devices in Slovenia is just as difficult to predict as anywhere else in the European Union. In some cases, the data transfer rates are very high so mobile device users are recommended to connect to free wireless networks to browse the internet.

To view lists of public internet access points across Slovenia, click here. You need to enter a street name or the name of a catering outlet.

Cost of mobile services

It is well known that foreign citizens can generally reduce their cost of mobile phone calls by purchasing a local SIM card or hiring a local mobile phone

Within the European Union, the following rules, imposed by the European Commission, apply for mobile network providers:

  • The roaming charges for European Union citizens may not exceed 35 cents per minute for calls made and 11 cents for calls received while abroad.
  • The charges for European Union citizens sending SMS messages from abroad may not exceed 11 cents per message and no charges may be made for SMS messages received.
  • The data transfer limit for European Union citizens using the mobile internet is set to €50. Once the limit is reached, the data transfer service is blocked unless another limit has been set by the user previously.

Slovenian mobile network codes

  • Mobitel: 041, 031
  • Simobil: 040
  • Tušmobil: 070
  • Izimobil: 051