In Dubai, Slovenia's motto is Slovenia. Green and Smart Experience, a nod to the country's sustainable, modern and creative nature. Visitors from all over the world will experience stories about the unique interplay of pristine nature, knowledge, innovation and breakthrough businesses.

The pavilion highlights three elements that are distinctive of Slovenia: Water, the source of life and vitality, the interflow of materials and ideas; Nature, connecting the Earth with the universe, knowledge and innovativeness, and Slovenia's green and clean heart; and Innovativeness, represented by a giant wooden sunshade, our shield and shelter. The pavilion construction innovatively includes prefabricated, sustainable and biodegradable elements of metal, glass, wood and stone. The appealing exterior of the pavilion represents Slovenia's forests. The outer walls of the wooden structure are rich with vegetation, which will provide welcome relief from the heat to visitors.

Slovenia's presentation will be divided into themed segments, allowing a comprehensive presentation of the country's potential in different fields and drawing the visitors' attention to stories that showcase Slovenian know-how, progressiveness and innovativeness.

Ljubljana, as the Slovenian capital, is actively involved in both content and presentation activities. The main content sets are intended for the presentation of our cultural, technical and natural heritage, focusing on drinking water, the architectural legacy of Jože Plečnik, the world’s oldest wheel and sustainable mobility with an emphasis on cycling.

Basic information about Slovenia on EXPO 2020:

  • 1550 m2 exhibition area
  • 8 February 2022 - Slovenian National Day at Expo 2020
  • 11 thematic sets of authentic Slovenian experiences
  • Spectacular 360° video projection of Slovenian icons of natural and cultural heritage and breakthrough solutions of Slovenian economy
  • 45+ events promoting Slovenian knowledge and different opportunities for cooperation
  • 25+ million visitors from all over the world at EXPO 2020