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  • escape room enigmarium

    Ljubljana offers excellent opportunities for fun. Popular escape rooms (some of the best in the world), treasure hunts and a museum of illusions are just a few of the attractions you simply can’t miss.

  • VIT 7017

    Ljubljana offers some excellent opportunities for a healthy pampering of the body and soul. Our city is also quite close to most of the thermal spas in Slovenia.

  • Children of different age are catching bubbles in the city square.

    Visit Ljubljana with your children and spend a really good time. Discover the best experiences for the whole family in Ljubljana and its vicinity.

  • pinkweek4.jpg

    Visit Ljubljana, an open and friendly city with a relaxed atmosphere where people know how to enjoy life. Explore a city whose very name, sounding similar to the Slovenian word for 'beloved', brings to mind love.

  • Tobacna foto Marko Delbello Ocepek 1

    Looking for some fun and entertainment? Ljubljana is a place where you can be sure to find something to enjoy. You can dance to various styles of music and socialize or simply sit around and watch other people party. On a night out you can easily wander from pubs to clubs and have fun.

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Ljubljana Card

A great idea when you decide to explore Ljubljana more thoroughly.

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