Ljubljana is a city which can be very proud of its clean drinking water. While rambling the streets of Ljubljana, you can quench your thirst for free at public drinking fountains found in more than 40 locations throughout the city. 

The fountains are freely available in the spring and summer months, and are connected to Ljubljana's central water distribution system. They can be found in the city centre, on children's playgrounds and at recreational areas.

The neuro drinking fountain at EXPO is using an attractive and innovative technology. With the help of thought and concentration, it is possible to pour a glass of water. Neuro drinking fountain operates on the basis of EEG BCI technology and is the fruit of Slovenian knowledge. It is the first event of its kind the wider region.

The conceptual starting point of the event is the idea of “Use your brain, drink tap water”, which works on two levels. Metaphorically in the sense of "Be smart and drink tap water" and at the same time literally, because visitors with a sufficiently high level of concentration and attention will actually be able to pour a glass of water.

Natural drinking water is an irreplaceable and invaluable asset, so we are all the more grateful that Ljubljana is one of the few European capitals that can boast of technologically untreated drinking water that flows from its taps.

Check out the public drinking fountain locations at the website of the Vo-ka public company or download the mobile application 'Tap Water Ljubljana' for iOS or Android.