The best village inns in the Ljubljana area

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Choose local flavours! Head out to the countryside and enjoy Slovene cuisine in its authentic environment: in traditional village inns and on farms.

For centuries Slovenia's gostilne – traditional inns or hostelries – have been places to socialise and enjoy good food and wine. Most of them are family-owned and offer an atmosphere of cosy domesticity. Instead of simply serving you, they welcome you and treat you as a guest. The food they serve has the authenticity of home cooking, and dishes are often prepared according to old family recipes. Many gostilne boast a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and a reputation that extends far beyond local boundaries.

Enjoy the countryside and local food

Countryside photo Tomo Jesenicnik
© Tomo Jeseničnik

Gostilne, tourist farms and mountain huts really come to life at weekends, when they offer a hospitable welcome to day trippers, hikers and mountaineers.

In most cases you need to book first to visit an agritourism farm. Some farms also offer accommodation (farm stays). Visit a farm to sample farmhouse specialities and buy farm produce, while giving your children the chance to get to know the farm animals.

Typical dishes from the Ljubljana area

Cubr Komenda photo Tomo Jesenicnik
© Tomo Jeseničnik

Well-known ethnologist Janez Bogataj has teamed up with local producers to create a selection of typical dishes from the region. Among the most famous are Carniolan sausage, Trnič cheese from the high mountain pasture Velika Planina, tarragon potica (a rolled pastry), Tuhinjska fila (a kind of bread stuffed with meat) and doughnuts from Trojane.

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