Where to in June?

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Get ready for a June jamboree! Join us at the top 10 events of the month and let's make memories that you will remember long after the summer is already gone!

Summer in Roses (27 May to 1 October)

The rose is a flower of hundreds of species and thousands of varieties, which always fascinates with the shape of their bloom or their delicate scent. From June to late autumn, you can admire over 1000 varieties of roses blooming in the upper and lower rose garden.

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Brina (3 June)

Brina, a flirtatious young lady who enchanted thousands of visitors with a colorful selection of drinks, is returning to the beautiful lobby of Ljubljana's Križanke.

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ERSATZ (8 June)

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre will host a performance from renowned artistic collective from France, AÏE AÏE AÏE.  The show Ersatz proposes a freely fantasized projection of the man of tomorrow. 

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June in Ljubljana Festival (7 to 21 June)

June in Ljubljana Festival invites you once again to the city centre of Ljubljana, to the Kongresni Trg square from 8th to 21nd June, to enjoy the exquisite artistic creations of dance, theatre, and music.

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Live Literature Festival (9 to 16 June)

The Live Literature (Živa književnost) festival combines readings by poets and writers with live music. What is special about it is that it is held in the street. 

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Spider Festival (14 to 18 June)

On Spider Festival, the public is confronted with unconventional approaches and discourses, with anti-hegemonic objections and proposals of something better, with new, hybrid genres, with dance art which is only rarely presented in the mainstream.

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Tour of Slovenia (14 to 18 June)

Tour of Slovenia is the biggest cycling event in Slovenia, which every year attracts more and more people, who follow and watch the race either at the race track or through different media channels. Since 2017 the race is also broadcasted on Eurosport, the biggest sport TV channel in the world.

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Women's Eurobasket (15 to 25 June)

Can you smell it? It is the scent of basketball spirit oozing through the streets of Ljubljana and culminating in the Stožice Sports Park Arena. Basketball fans in Slovenia are eagerly awaiting the tip-off that will mark the beginning of Women's Eurobasket and open the doors of the Stožice Arena, where the spirit will ignite in a series of thrilling basketball clashes among women's teams.

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Ljubljana Festival (20 June to 3 September)

The Ljubljana Festival, with its long history and tradition of presenting premier artistic events, contributes significantly to the cultural life of Ljubljana in the summer. 

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Ana Desetnica (28 June to 2 July)

The Ana Desetnica international street theatre festival will bring together a large number of street artistes, clowns, circus performers, jugglers, tightrope walkers, fire-eaters, musicians, "provocateurs", dancers and actors from Slovenia and abroad.

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