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In 2021, Ljubljana's landmarks designed by the famous architect Jože Plečnik (1872-1957) have been included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. The multitude of his creations in the city referred to as a whole as "Plečnik's Ljubljana", is considered one of the 20th century's most important total works of art.

In designing Ljubljana, the nation's new capital, Plečnik tried to use modern approaches while modeling the city on ancient Athens. His style, innovative even by today's standards, is characterised by the use of classical architectural elements, such as pillars, lintels, balustrades, and colonnades, redesigned and combined in the master architect's own special way.

Plečnik's creations in Ljubljana stand out as a stellar showcase of how a single architect's vision can transform public spaces, structures, and lush green areas within the constraints of time, the urban landscape, and with modest means.

Jože Plečnik: A Closer Inspection of His Genius

Did You Know?

1. The unique oeuvre of the architect Jože Plečnik 

Plečnik left a lasting mark on three central European cities: Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana. In the eyes of Friedrich Achleitner, the esteemed art critic from Vienna, Plečnik emerges not just as an architect of his time, but potentially as a visionary ahead of his era.

2. A distinguished career in Vienna and Prague

In Vienna, where he studied under professor Otto Wagner, Plečnik designed a number of pioneering works of modern architecture. In Prague, he undertook, among other things, the renovation of Prague Castle for use as the presidential residence and relandscaped of the castle gardens.

3. Ljubljana is a total work of art

Upon returning to Ljubljana in 1921, Plečnik accepted the post of professor at the newly established University of Ljubljana and focused all his creative energies to designing the city. The so called Plečnik's Ljubljana, a unique example of urban planning, is considered to be one of the 20th century's most important total works of art.

4. Plečnik's visions

Can you imagine what Ljubljana would look like had Plečnik realised all of his visionary projects? Probably not, right? Well, you don't even have to, because that's exactly what the Websi award-winning interactive tour of the architect's unrealised projects offers, available for free in the Nexto app for both Android and iOS.

Slovenian visionary architect Jože Plečnik initially envisioned Ljubljana as modern Athens. And while today's Ljubljana bears a strong imprint of his genius, some of Plečnik's projects remained unrealised. Follow in the footsteps of the great master, who turned his hometown into one wholistic work of art. Find out why the city is an urban phenomenon. Along the path filled with mysteries, you'll be guided by the Master himself. Using augmented reality and 3D recordings, you'll get to explore how Plečnik envisioned Prešeren Square, the Butcher's Bridge, the City Hall, and much more.


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