10 activity tours of Ljubljana

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Ljubljana offers a range of popular local experiences and activities that would be hard to imagine anywhere else.

Below we present the ten activity-based guided tours that best reflect the city’s character.

1) Moustache Tour

The Moustache Tour shows you why it is important for a man to have a moustache. Famous moustache-wearers included the architect Jože Plečnik, the writer Ivan Cankar and the painter Rihard Jakopič, in whose footsteps you will follow on this bicycle tour.

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2) Taste Ljubljana food tour

Food tura Nea Culpa1
© Mankica Kranjec/ Nea Culpa

This tour presents the traditional dishes of Ljubljana prepared in modern ways by selected Ljubljana chefs as part of the successful Tastes of Ljubljana project. You will visit 5 restaurants and taste 5 dishes and a selection of 5 drinks.

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3) Explore Ljubljana by bicycle

bycicle tpour Nea Culpa
© Mankica Kranjec/ Nea Culpa

Ljubljana is a bike-friendly city and a bicycle tour is an excellent way to experience it. You will see all the major Ljubljana sights, including those outside the city centre. The tour includes a stop in Tivoli Park for a picnic on the grass.

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4) Stand-up paddling on the Ljubljanica

SUP Bananaway 5
© Bananaway

Experience green Ljubljana in a really special way. Glide through the city centre on a stand-up paddleboard or SUP. The tour, which takes place on the river Ljubljanica, begins with a brief course of instruction. Participants receive a commemorative photograph at the end of the tour.

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5) Circular ride aboard the Urban sightseeing train

vlakec urban andrej tarfila
© Andrej Tarfila

Urban is an environmentally friendly electric sightseeing train that will take you on a round trip through Ljubljana, passing all the main tourist attractions. The train, which also offers disabled access, is equipped with an audio guide and is heated in winter.

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6) Ljubljana beer experience

Beer tura Bobo

Ljubljana has a long beer-brewing tradition, as demonstrated by the 3,900-year-old beer barrels recently unearthed by archaeologists. On this guided tour you will sample various Slovenian beers – from big breweries and small brewers – and visit the Brewery Museum.

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7) Bicycle tour through Plečnik’s Ljubljana

Plecnik Ljubljana by bike Nea Culpa
© Nea Culpa

Jože Plečnik (1872–1957), one of the pioneers of modern architecture, left a mark on Ljubljana that is comparable to that left on Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí. The standard guided tour takes you round Plečnik’s creations in the city centre. For a more in-depth exploration, choose the bicycle tour.

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8) Time Machine at Ljubljana Castle

Casovni stroj Miha Mally
© Miha Mally

The best way to discover the almost 900-year history of Ljubljana Castle is via this unique journey through time, with costumed guides appearing in the role of historical figures.

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9) Cooking Class Ljubljana

making struklji
© Cooking Class Ljubljana

Join a workshop led by the Cooking Class Ljubljana team and learn how to prepare an authentic Slovenian meal. The workshop will teach you about Slovenian culinary traditions as well as modern approaches to cooking.

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10) Alternative Ljubljana tour

alternative art
© Urbana Vrana

Alternative creativity plays an important role in the rich cultural life of Ljubljana. The Alternative Ljubljana tour presents the avant-garde side of our city, including street art, alternative lifestyles and the best-known alternative districts of Ljubljana.

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