10 Ljubljana’s top attractions

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Ljubljana is a picturesque city, whose image has been marked by different periods of history. We present the ten top attractions of Ljubljana.

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1. Ljubljana Castle

ljubljana castle 3
© Ljubljanski grad

Ljubljana Castle, standing on a hill above the city for about 900 years, is Ljubljana's main attraction. You can reach it by funicular railway or climb it on foot. The castle's tower and ramparts offer the most beautiful views of the city. There are two permanent museum exhibitions, two restaurants, a café, and a nightclub.

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2. Plečnik’s Ljubljana

© Dunja Wedam

The image of Ljubljana is most marked by the work of the world-renowned architect Jože Plečnik, who also arranged the urban planning of the central part of the city. The famous Triple Bridge belongs among Plečnik's most famous works. You can find the legacy of this great architect in the Plečnik House, where the living areas and the architect’s personal items are preserved.

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3. Zmajski most (Dragon Bridge)

dragon bridge cathedral luka esenko
© Luka Esenko

The dragon is a symbol of Ljubljana, which has been proudly reigning in the city coat of arms since the late Middle Ages. Masterfully designed dragon sculptures at the Dragon Bridge (built in 1901) are both scary and magnificent at the same time. If you haven't taken a photo with either one of them, it is considered that you have not really visited Ljubljana.

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4. Central Market

central market nea culpa
© Mankica Kranjec/ Nea Culpa

The Central Market, designed by the famous architect Jože Plečnik, is the place where the locals shop, but at the same time meet and socialise. It encompasses the outdoor market and the buildings of the covered markets. Every Friday from mid-March until the end of October, the market hosts the Open Kitchen food market.

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5. Prešernov trg Square with the Franciscan Church

Preseren Square 1 D.Wedam
© Dunja Wedam

Prešernov trg Square is the heart of the historic city centre. It is a blend of Baroque, Secession and architecture of Jože Plečnik. His image is marked by the pink façade of the Franciscan Church, which is probably the most recognisable image of Ljubljana, a monument to the poet France Prešeren and Plečnik's Triple Bridge.

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6. The City Museum of Ljubljana

Mestni muzej Ljubljana arhiv MGML
© MGML archive

The permanent exhibition of the City Museum of Ljubljana shows the development of the city of Ljubljana from the prehistoric period to the present day. The museum collection comprises tens of thousands of units, and they are especially proud of two findings – the world’s oldest wooden wheel and a wooden arrow that is about 40,000 years old.

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7. The Cathedral (Church of St Nicholas)

Cathedral photo D.Wedam
© Dunja Wedam

The cathedral of the city of Ljubljana, in which the headquarters of the Ljubljana Diocese is located, is the most important Baroque church in Ljubljana. The site where it stands was originally occupied by a Romanesque basilica from the 13th century and was built in 1701 after the first basilica was burnt down by the Turks. It boasts exceptional wall paintings and other artistic heritage.

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8. National Gallery of Slovenia

national gallery photo Nikica Batur
© Nikica Batur

The permanent collection of the National Gallery comprises almost 600 pieces of Slovenian and European fine art. Among others, there are works of the Slovenian impressionists, the popular Slovenian painter Ivana Kobilca and the famous modernist painter Zoran Mušič.

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9. Town Hall

Town Hall photo Dunja Wedam
© Dunja Wedam

The Town Hall, the seat of the Municipality of Ljubljana, is an exceptional Baroque palace with Venetian influences. In front of the Town Hall, there is the famous fountain by Francesco Robba, designed in the style of the most beautiful Roman baroque fountains. Every Saturday, you can take a guided tour of the premises of the municipal government, which has been operating here for almost 500 years.

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10. Tivoli Park

Tivoli photo D.Wedam
© Dunja Wedam

Ljubljana’s central park is a popular place for socialising and relaxing. An outdoor gallery at the Jakopič Promenade regularly exhibits interesting large-format photos. Tivoli Park is crisscrossed with walking and recreational paths that continue into the slopes of Rožnik hill and allow an escape to nature from the centre of the city.

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