10 ideas for day trips from Ljubljana

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Ljubljana is the best starting point from which to explore Slovenia. Visit the country’s most famous sights or discover its lesser-known corners. 

Below are the top 10 suggestions for a day trip from Ljubljana.

Day trips to destinations listed below can be booked via our website. They are organised by our partner local tourist agencies. In most cases, they are available for as few as two participants (minimum) and also include an organised return transfer from your hotel.

1) Bled

1 Bled photo Franci Ferjan
© Franci Ferjan

The famous lake with its little island, crowned by a church spire. You have almost certainly already seen a picture of this iconic view. Bled is one of the most picturesque places in the world. Cross to the island by boat, sample the famous Bled cream slice and climb up to Bled Castle.

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2) Postojna Cave

2 Postojna Caves photo Iztok Medja
© Iztok Medja

Postojna Cave is one of the largest underground cave systems in the world. Visitors enter the cave aboard a special cave train and are transported into an astonishing world of subterranean chambers with countless incredible stalagmites and stalactites. The cave is also home to one of the most unique creatures in the world: the proteus or olm, affectionately known as the human fish.

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3) Predjama Castle

3 Predjama Castle photo Nea Culpa
© Nea Culpa

A castle built in a cave halfway up a vertical cliff. The cave behind the castle contains a secret passage leading out into the open. In the fifteenth century the castle was home to a rebellious knight called Erasmus, who quarrelled with the imperial court in Vienna.

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4) Soča Valley

4 Soca River photo Nea culpa
© Nea Culpa

Breathtaking mountain scenery and the emerald-green river Soča, which has its source in the heart of the Julian Alps. The valley of the Soča (known in Italy as the Isonzo) is one of the most beautiful corners of Slovenia and one of the most popular destinations among extreme water sports enthusiasts in this part of Europe.

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5) Lake Bohinj

5 Bohinj photo Tomo Jesenicnik
© Tomo Jeseničnik

A stunning glacial lake surrounded by mountains, with numerous natural sights of interest in the surrounding area. Bohinj makes the perfect starting point from which to explore the Triglav National Park or climb the peaks of the Julian Alps. Enjoy the unspoilt beauty of nature.

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6) Lipica

6 Lipica photo Boris Pretnar
© Boris Pretnar

Lipica is the location of a venerable stud farm, founded in 1580, that is the origin of the famous Lipizzaner breed of white horses. Lipica also boasts a world-famous classical riding school. Watch a performance by the magnificent white horses and enjoy all the natural beauty of the karst landscape.

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7) Goriška Brda

7 goriskaBrda photo Tomo Jesenicnik
© Tomo Jeseničnik

The Goriška Brda wine district is sometimes referred to as a “Slovenian Tuscany”, but it is really much more than that. With its medieval villages, castles and manor houses, wonderful cuisine and a remarkable range of the finest wines, Goriška Brda has a unique character that is all its own.

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8) Velika Planina

8 Velika planina photo Mankica Kranjec
© Mankica Kranjec

A picturesque high mountain pasture where the traditional way of life of Alpine herdsmen has been conserved in coexistence with nature. A hike across Velika Planina combines stunning scenery with a unique cultural heritage. The views are breathtaking and the traditional herdsmen’s dishes are simple but delicious.

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9) Maribor

9 Maribor photo Nikola Jurisic
© Nikola Jurišič

The character of Maribor, Slovenia’s second city, differs somewhat from that of the capital, Ljubljana, although it is similarly relaxed and attractive. The city is surrounded by vineyards, while the oldest grapevine in the world grows in the city centre itself.

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10) Piran

10 Piran photo Nikola Jurisic
© Nikola Jurišič

This medieval seaside town of Venetian origin is a jewel of the North Adriatic. Not far from the town is the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, which you can visit to learn about the area’s ancient saltmaking tradition.

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