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Autumn in Ljubljana is a time to enjoy good food and wine. A series of traditional culinary events take place in autumn, the majority of them combined together in the November Gourmet festival, which runs all month.

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Ljubljana’s culinary tradition is closely tied to local products and produce from the surrounding countryside, with which the city’s markets are abundantly filled in autumn. In recent years these locally sourced ingredients, combined with sustainable principles and the creativity of local chefs, have started a new trend: the revival of once popular dishes, prepared in new ways.

The Taste Ljubljana brand identifies popular local dishes that you can try in selected restaurants.

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November Gourmet Ljubljana

Discover the tastes of Ljubljana in the company of top chefs and winemakers at gastronomic events taking place all month.

Highlights include:

  • Ljubljana Wine Route, marking the popular St Martin’s Day tradition with stalls serving Slovenian wines in Ljubljana’s Old Town.
  • Slovenian Wine Festival, presenting a carefully chosen selection of the finest Slovenian wines.
  • November Gourmet Finale, the closing event of the festival with the best that Ljubljana cuisine has to offer in a unique venue. A wide range of food stalls are complemented by spectacular cooking shows.

Check out the full festival programme on the Ljubljana Gourmet website.

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Culinary tours and trips

Enjoy good food – a pleasure that everyone shares – in relaxed company.

Autumn’s food-related events are topped off by a high-quality selection of guided tours (also available throughout the year). They offer you the opportunity to taste and discover Slovenian food and drink and take the city’s culinary pulse.

Begin your day with breakfast at Ljubljana’s central market. Continue with a Taste Ljubljana guided tour, including tastings of traditional dishes. For wine lovers, there is the Ljubljana Wine Experience. Beer lovers have their own guided tour that includes tastings of local beers and a visit to the brewery museum at the Union Brewery (established 1864).

Check out the full range of tours and trips >