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Ljubljana has a huge amount to offer beer lovers. Its range of places to eat is complemented by a rich choice of taverns, pubs, and other catering outlets and specialized shops offering beer.

Union pub photo Darko Pavlovic

Ljubljana's small and large pubs offer you an opportunity to feel transported to Ireland or England, taste some delicious food to go with beer, enjoy some interesting musical entertainment or simply do nothing but taste local and international beers.

If you would like to take a selection of your favourite beers home with you and lay in a stock to be close at hand when needed, visit a shop. The choice ranges from renowned international brands to Slovenian brews based on local knowledge of brewing.

Slovenia has for long had two large breweries and both of them have for long had a large an loyal following passionately extolling the virtues of their beer of choice and claiming it to be the best. The judgement as to which of the two beer brands, Union or Laško, is better is left entirely to you.

When exploring local brews, make sure not to miss those from Slovenian microbreweries, which produce small amounts of excellent craft beers. Over recent years, the number of microbreweries has been on the increase and beer lovers in Slovenia will agree that the choice on offer is varied and excellent. Human Fish Brewery, Kratochwill, Pelicon, and Bevog are just a few of the names to look out for if you want to taste some of the must-try craft beers from Slovenian microbreweries.