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MMM stories is a series of online articles introducing unique local shops, small producers, farmers, and restaurants from Ljubljana and the surroundings.

  • Barut 13

    It’s nice catching moonlight on the palm of your hand, but it is a completely different story capturing bubbles, stardust, and a touch of funk in your bottle. This is a story being written by some young gentlemen from Barut Brewing and Blending in the abandoned part of the former gunpowder factory in Kamnik for a number of years now.

  • GobnjakDSCF3914

    There is a farm with no land in the middle of Ljubljana? Little fungi can bring about the creation of a proper field? All of this is true ...

  • LedDSCF8298

    The sliding of a droplet down the side of a frosted glass, an ice cube gently knocking on the side, and the liquid enveloping it, inviting us to pour out onto the cold marble the delicate outlines of our most ardent wishes and elusive dreams, prompting a reflection on transience, on the inexorability of time, our own insignificance in the face of timelessness.

  • Juha BojaniDSCF5314

    There are so many memories that bind us to the sound and feel of hands touching ceramics and we strive to preserve their fragility with tenderness. The author and at the same time guardian of this tenderness is Bojana Ristevski Mlaker, who began writing the story of the Juha ceramics studio at the end of 2017 in Ljubljana.

  • Kis in kvasDSCF0626

    Why should we be sour faced when everything is so yeastful! Kis in Kvas (vinegar and yeast) – an excellent idea that was the brainchild of Goran Žerdin and Sanja Čakarun – is a brand of fermented products that bring aficionados a wide selection of unforgettable tastes.

  • BrokenBonesDSCF7806 leze

    The vision of Ljubljana’s small and only gin and whiskey distillery, called Broken Bones, is as strong as steel. For years they have carefully planned each step they take, which has led to the production of premium spirits with distinct, complex tastes, but gentle and pleasant aromas that entice tasters from near and far.

  • Pekarna Osem 4

    At the Osem Bakery on Stari Trg Square something magical happens every day. Just like in the famous Mišmaš Bakery from the children's story by Svetlana Makarovič, the owner of the Osem Bakery Andrej Gerželj also has a black moustache and a sparkle in his eyes.