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The culinary scene in Ljubljana is as lively as ever - let's see what delicious delights have sprung up across the capital in recent weeks - perhaps we'll even find some ideas for the many December gatherings ahead.

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Bistro Slovely

Kardeljeva ploščad 5

With the new academic year, Bistro Slovely has opened its doors in the immediate vicinity of the Faculty of Social Sciences, where students can stop by for a morning coffee or a drink after lectures, as well as for homemade, healthy snacks and lunches (also available with student vouchers).

Grashka Deli

Trubarjeva 72 (Center Rog)

In the newly opened Center Rog, you'll also find the vegan deli Grashka. The shelves are filled with popular Grashka products made from regional, organic plant-based ingredients, and in the new deli, you can also order coffee or satisfy your hunger with sandwiches, hot dogs, salads and salad bowls, daily soups, and other treats, all prepared entirely from plant-based ingredients.

Naša hiša

Gallusovo nabrežje 31

In the new restaurant by the Ljubljanica River, dishes that combine the tradition of grandma's kitchen with the eternity of Italian cuisine are cooked. The blend of flavors is complemented by a refined selection of spirits and cocktails, ensuring evenings crowned with a touch of decadence. In the current weather conditions, the inviting interior, pleasantly heated by the bread oven, from which pizza bakers stack fine pizzas, is tempting, but when warmer days return, the garden overlooking the river will surely be the first choice for many.


Slovenska cesta 3

A family bistro on Slovenska Street, which introduces the tradition of pelmeni and vareniki to the people of Ljubljana - types of dumplings originating from northeastern Europe but known almost everywhere in the world under different names and with minor local variations. The dough is filled with various fillings - from meat, fish, mushrooms, potatoes, and onions in savory versions to cherries, cottage cheese, and apricot jam in sweet versions. They serve them with various sauces, sour cream, and fresh vegetables.

Taqueria “Unomás”

Ajdovščina 1

These days, we've also witnessed the eagerly awaited opening of a new Mexican-style eatery by the team that pioneered the burger revolution in our country with Hood Burger. In the freshly opened taqueria, they serve us authentic Mexican tacos in an authentic ambiance, complemented by appropriately selected music from the speakers. You can customize them with spicy sauces of different levels of spiciness, and accompany them with a selection of traditional Central American drinks.


Gornji trg 33

The vegan bistro, which was located on Komenskega Street for several years, in its desire for more ambitious cuisine and a more comfortable, larger space, has moved its story to a new restaurant on Gornji trg. The new Veganika remains faithful to its vegan philosophy and characteristic taste aesthetics, but now presents them in an upgraded, sometimes bolder guise. The well-known daily offerings of soups, dishes, and salad bowls are complemented by a diverse à la carte menu of snacks and main courses, where you can also order homemade lemonade or iced tea, a glass of natural wine or draft craft beer. Of course, we must not forget to leave room for dessert - Nika's pies have remained, of course!


Borštnikov trg 1

The vegan offer in Ljubljana has recently been supplemented by a pleasant eatery that focuses on vegan sushi, gyoza dumplings, wraps, and poke bowls, adding a few local touches to Asian dishes with the choice of ingredients. They also serve daily soups and homemade desserts.


Slovenska 51

A meticulously designed ambiance that emphasizes Instagrammability and a wide, imaginative range of food and drinks. Every detail in the venue truly gives the impression that we have entered Alice's wonderland, perhaps the most miraculous news being that you can order brunch there all day.

We wish you a pleasant pre-holiday exploration of new flavors in Ljubljana!