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The Green Supply Chains project links local food producers with hotels and restaurants, bringing top-quality, tasty and environment-friendly local ingredients to the plates of diners around the city. The simple, well-organised supply of locally or regionally produced foods at good prices is enhancing the city’s culinary life, while shorter supply chains contribute to sustainable development and also promote the local economy.

Ljubljana breakfast

A good breakfast sets you up for a day of exploration and fun in Slovenia’s capital city. Start with some fresh food made from locally produced ingredients. The Ljubljana breakfast, available at a number of restaurants and hotels in the city, features produce and products from local farmers, fruit from local orchards, and vegetables from fields and greenhouses close to the city.

The range of different foods that can make up a Ljubljana breakfast is a broad and varied one. Dishes can be contemporary or traditional, creatively elevated, or just the way our grandmothers made them. The only rule is that they should arrive on the table from Ljubljana and its surroundings through green supply chains.

What might I find in a Ljubljana breakfast?

  • From the fields around Ljubljana: Bread, pastries, buns, organic cereals
  • From the beehive: Honey from local producers
  • From Ljubljana dairy market: Yoghurt, milk, butter and cheeses
  • Meat products: Ham and charcuterie, liver pâté, beef tongue, smoked sausage
  • From the orchard: Roast apple, natural apple juice from Janče
  • Seasonal desserts: Ljubljana ricotta pancakes with tarragon, rotolo, apple strudel, potica cake (tarragon, ricotta, walnut)

Local food exchange

As part of the Green Supply Chains project, several times a year there is a Local Food Exchange, which connects local food producers with restaurant owners, hoteliers, schools, kindergartens and other public institutions in the Ljubljana region. The event is now also open to the general public.

To help spread awareness of the importance of locally produced ingredients to those outside the hospitality sector, Ljubljana Tourism organises the Local Food Exchange in conjunction with the City of Ljubljana’s environmental protection department, the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, the Ljubljana Agriculture and Forestry Institute and EKOmeter.

The project has already received two major awards: the Premik Naprej 2018 award for biggest improvement in the public sector, and an international award for best sustainable practice in the cities category from Green Destinations, awarded at ITB Berlin, one of the most important tourism trade fairs in the world.