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Visit Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) each Friday at the Ljubljana Central Market and enjoy the diversity of tastes. Typical of Ljubljana's street food scene are also a strong Balkan influence and, of course, the ever present burgers.

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The Guardian has listed burek as one of the most popular street foods in the world a few years ago. This is definitely the case in Slovenia. Burek is a pastry dish, originating from Turkey, which is immensely popular in every country of former Yugoslavia. In Ljubljana, this dish is offered in numerous street kiosks. Some of those, such as Nobel Burek and Olimpija, have been enjoying a “cult status” for many years now. The influence of the Balkans is, besides the burek, also reflected in the popularity of grilled dishes, such as čevapčiči and pljeskavica patty in a flatbread (lepinja).

The street food scene in Ljubljana is quite diverse. There are a few local variations, such as the Carniolan sausage (kranjska klobasa) at the Klobasarna or štruklji at Ljubljana's Central Market. Healthy light snacks, smoothies, frappes and vegetarian dishes are also well represented.

For the past few years, gourmet beef burgers have been a trend. Some of the best burger establishments according to true connoisseurs are Pop's PlaceLars & Sven and Hood Burger. The Hot Horse offers quality horse meat burgers.

Craft beers go along well with burgers and the selection of them is very diverse in Ljubljana. Every few months you can check the best of such offer on a Saturday at the Beer & Burger Fest (Pivo & Burger Fest) at the Central market.

Who are the recipients of the Ljubljana Quality Mark?

The Ljubljana Quality project is run by Ljubljana Tourism in conjunction with Gault & Millau Slovenia. Experts from the prestigious guide evaluate restaurants, “POP” establishments (bars, tapas bars, patisseries, fast food establishments, etc.), shops, and so on in accordance with carefully prepared criteria and using anonymous reviewers who visit the establishment unannounced. Recipients of the Ljubljana Quality Mark are published in the Gault & Millau Ljubljana food guide.

Which are the highest-ranked “POP” establishments?

• Bazilika
• Open Kitchen
• Kucha
• Hood Burger (Center district)
• Dvorni Bar

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