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Velika Planina has entered a new era of accessibility with the introduction of the new six-seater chairlift Šimnovec.

sedeznica velika planina

© arhiv Velika Planina

After careful preparations and additional inspections, the six-seater chairlift started operating on December 23, 2023. The modern facility replaced the old two-seater chairlift Šimnovec, offering guests a faster, more comfortable, and environmentally friendly experience.

Velika Planina fulfilled its commitment to sustainability and nature conservation even in the construction phase by closely collaborating with the Slovenian Forest Service and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The chairlift is designed in accordance with high criteria for nature and cultural heritage conservation.

The modern, quieter, and environmentally friendly six-seater chairlift now operates daily according to the regular schedule. The official opening was also an opportunity to present new activities, as they now have 20 electric bikes available for rent, a mini adventure park for children, and a summer park with eco-friendly playgrounds near the Jurček tow lift.

The new six-seater chairlift provides faster access to the top of Velika Planina, allowing visitors to spend more time in nature and explore the cultural heritage of the area. With a capacity of 1450 passengers per hour and a ride duration of only about five minutes, the Šimnovec chairlift has become an indispensable part of Velika Planina's tourist offer.