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While Ljubljana is very family friendly and there are plenty of things kids can do here – from museums to the zoo and galleries, kids’ favourite are playgrounds. And the capital of Slovenia has plenty of them. So, I asked my kids to help me pick a few of the best ones. Make sure you include them in your visit of Ljubljana.


1) Playground in the Tivoli Park

The obvious and most widely known playground can be found in Ljubljana's largest and most beautiful park, Tivoli, which stretches into the city centre.

The playground is I’d say is also the biggest of all the playgrounds. Playing there is one of my kids’ favourite things to do in Ljubljana. It offers something for every kid, from toddlers to preteens and even parents might get tempted. I know that on rainy days, when there’s usually no crowd, I have tried the fun zipline.

One more thing that makes this playground so great is the drinking fountain, benches for us parents and some nice shade.

Anything for parents? Playground is located next to a nice pond and close to a lovely café, where you can take a break and kids can continue playing there as well.

How to get there? Easy, walk over to the National Gallery, also a great place to visit with kids, cross the street and go through an underpass till you reach the park. Turn left and after a few meters you’ll notice the playground in the distance.

If you turn right, it will lead you to the big parking space, where I recommend parking, since it’s very affordable and there is also a small playground.

2) Šmartinski Park

The location might be somewhat macabre, since it stretches between the busy Šmartinska street and Žale Cemetery, but the recently opened playground and park is anything but. It is big, bright and lively. The only problem is that in the summer you might miss the shade.

Every kid will find something to play with here: they have a huge slide, small slides, rope climbing, swings, water toys, which get them splashing around … Prepare extra dry clothes.

Anything for parents: Not much, except observing the kids have fun.

How to get there: If driving, then park at the Žale Cemetery Parking place. If relaying on public transport, the bus stop is right next to the playground. Catch the buses number: 2,7,22 or 24.

3) Playground near Vodnik Homestead

Close to Vodnik Homestead the birthplace of the poet, priest, and publicist Valentin Vodnik lays a unique playground. The Homestead is well worth a visit, as it hosts regular book-themed events for adults and children. Storytelling usually takes place on Sunday mornings.

Back to the playground, which was created to invite kids to play with nature. It is based on the concept of forest school pedagogics. So, encourages the use the woods and forest as toys. Kids can get creative here and it’s a lot of fun.

Anything for parents: You’ll probably be inspired to join in.

How to get there: If you are coming from the city centre, it might be too far to walk back and forth. Bus number 7 will get you here. If driving, follow the signs for the hospital Peter Držaj.

4) Playground at Koseški Bajer pond

I’d recommend visiting Koseški Bajer pond, even if you aren’t planning to stop at the new playground. It is a great place, where locals flock to in the sunny afternoons and weekends. Even more now when there is a big playground, which offers something for kids of all ages.


But the best thing about the playground, if judging by my kids, is actually the pond itself and the family of swans that call this body of water their home.

Anything for parents: Great walks, outdoor sports equipment by the pond to do a bit of a workout, a café, which also serves food such as pizza and is right across the street from the playground.

How to get here: Driving and parking is fairly easy, unless you come at the above-mentioned time, when finding a parking place might be a problem. I’d suggest planning to visit, when you schedule the zoo, since it’s nearby. If taking a bus take number 18 and be prepared to walk a bit.

5) Severni mestni park Navje

Pirate’s ship and a lighthouse in Ljubljana? Yes, within the walking distance from the central train station.


It’s a bit different playground but it still has the most important features kids would expect: slides, ropes, swings, plus a few nice extras. Did we mention the ship? Yes, definitely a toy kids will remember.

Anything for parents: Beautiful Navje Memorial Park and a strolling area.

How to get there: Bus number 6 stops close by. Or as it is fairly close to the city centre, you can take a walk.

As mentioned at the beginning, those are only a few out of the many playgrounds we are lucky to have in Ljubljana. And we wanted to only mention those that are free of charge. Because the zoo offers a few more and then there are indoor playrooms, but that’s a whole other thing. That calls for a new post.

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