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Dr Noah Charney is a best-selling American writer and professor living for more than a decade in Slovenia, which he calls "his new forever home."

Moski s prekrizanimi rokami v crni majici

He is a broadcaster and author of hundreds of articles in world-renowned media, including the Guardian and National Geographic. He has also published more than 20 books, including several best-sellers and a Pulitzer finalist. These include some about his adopted homeland, Slovenia, the best-known of which Slovenology: Living and Traveling in the World's Best Country.

His broadcasting work includes presenting for BBC Radio and the gold award-winning podcast, Feel Slovenia, the official podcast of the Slovenian Tourist Board, and The Bled Podcast, the official podcast of Bled Tourism. 

Noah is considered one of the most passionate ambassadors of Slovenia and is delighted to bring his knowledge and enthusiasm to you.