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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The bright Christmas lights are turned on and so is the festive mood. Enjoy some mulled wine and roasted almonds, embrace the Christmas spirit as you walk around our beautifully decorated and illuminated city.


December time is happy time in Ljubljana

Besides the summertime, December is a pretty busy month in Ljubljana. All these events, places to be, shows to see, drinks to drink, dinner reservations to reserve. It’s called veseli (happy) December for a reason. Our Christmas markets are immensely popular during locals and visitors. December evenings are usually spent in front of festively decorated market stalls that offer yummy grub and all sorts of crafty trinkets that can be handy in the season of gift-giving. Let’s not forget about warm and colourful knitted scarves and gloves and of course a glass or two of mulled wine or even honey schnapps if you’re braver.


Once you’ve warmed yourself up a bit it’s time to visit one of many free events. A concert in front of the City Hall, street theatre performances or a Christmas decoration workshop at the Magical Forest for the kiddies? If you’re feeling especially adventurous, here’s a fun novelty for you – Land of Ice at the Congress Square. Fairy-tale images of dragons created from a crystalline ice, right in the heart of the dragon city. Sounds great. An admission is required though.

‘Tis the season to be magical

But if you want to take the more laid back approach, I would suggest taking a walk and simply gaze at all those endless little lights. They are quite a treat and somewhat different from what you see in other cities. You see, usually Christmas decorations come in a shape of candles, gifts, baby Jesuses, bearded reindeer owners, angel wings and so on.

Ljubljana’s way of decorating is a tad different and perhaps a bit unusual. The decorations are a lot more abstract and arty, which have proved to be very popular among visitors. They celebrate the world around us, from the tiniest to the largest. Don’t be surprised if you see a DNA strand, a female egg surrounded by sperm cells or galaxies and planets and numerous comets and geometric shapes. The comets on Slovenska Street are especially my favourite.

The Christmas lights by the artist Zmago Modic are an ever-developing project that makes festive Ljubljana so special. So special, that we even have a tour of the festively decorated Ljubljana. Yup, you can book a guided tour and learn everything about the concept behind the decorations. Even I, as a local, once took this tour and it was remarkably magical.

Ljubljana is truly a great place to be in the happiest season of December. Stay merry, stay warm and enjoy yourself!