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Looking to find a place that has all the elements necessary to create the perfect ambiance for a productive workday? After all, when it comes to finding that perfect work café it’s not just about the Wi-Fi and electrical sockets. It's also about the atmosphere, coffee quality, and snack options.

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Working in a bar/café /restaurant

First of all, don't be that rude person who plugs in and works all day at the same spot and orders just one coffee. If you would like to work outside of your apartment/hotel and you have found a great place, be nice and order a couple of drinks, or even snacks. It's great that all listed places have Wi-Fi, heating (in wintertime) or air conditioning (in summertime) but try not to feel too homely.

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When it comes to bars with nice terraces and great natural indoor lighting, I have chosen three places that offer good coffee, Internet, sockets for all your devices, plenty of tables, awesome drinks and even better snacks.

The Kavarna SEM café

If you're looking for somewhere with a bit of atmosphere and good vibes, then Kavarna SEM which is located at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, is definitely your ideal choice. They have a decent amount of electrical sockets to charge your devices and more than enough seating that's suitable for working. If your energy levels drop, they will be more than happy to offer you different varieties of sandwiches, or delicious cakes. If your battery lasts a bit longer you can enjoy sitting in the huge garden that will welcome you from spring to autumn. They offer good coffee and beers; so get to work and transition from coffee to drinks in the afternoon.


One of the most ‘hip’ places in Ljubljana, this venue will impress you with its lovely interior and easy vibes. ČINČIN is a party location during the evening, but can be awesome for meetings and work in the morning, or in the afternoon. Bonus: there is a Food Porn restaurant in the basement so you definitely won't be hungry during your work. Take a break between working or studying, enjoy the interior and don't feel bad about posting about it online; they have really made an Instagram friendly place.

Sometimes coffee just won't be enough - they have an amazing list of cocktails and beers. If you fancy a serious co-working place there is also a Poligon creative centre just across the street.

Kavarna NUK café

If you feel like working in a traditional library space, but still want to feel relaxed, this is the place for you. Kavarna NUK is in the basement of the National and University Library. It is also very convenient if you are looking for a quiet pit stop during a hectic day.

You can use the NUK wireless network to connect your device to the Internet and enjoy the calm and sunny indoor space or summer terrace. A variety of table sizes (for 2, 4, 6 or even more people) should accommodate every type of work, from solo studying to meetings, or even interviews. If you fancy soup or a snack, they can provide this too.

So, which one is your favourite place for getting the work done?

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  • naslovna hobotnice

    You can call it vandalism or you can call it art, one thing is for certain: Ljubljana is rich with creative street art and colourful graffiti. Some are just regular funny writings on the wall and some are true art pieces that should probably hang in someone’s living room. Take a walk around town and see them for yourself.