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If you’re looking for a bit of adventure to liven up peaceful strolls through Ljubljana and an escape from the summer heat in the concrete jungle, dip your toes into the sea of water activities Slovenia has to offer.

Three people paddling on a SUPs on a river.

Explore Ljubljana by water

You don’t even have to leave the city! Opt for a perpendicular experience and paddle-board on a SUP through the heart of Ljubljana’s centre, the Ljubljanica River. Take a couple of hours to get a fresh perspective on Slovenia’s lovely capital and its gorgeous river. You can test your balance by trying different poses on your SUP board or simply paddle on and absorb the city life around you as you drift under the famous Triple Bridge.

To see a bit more of the city’s surroundings try kayaking in Ljubljana, and combine a calm, relaxing paddling trip in the serenity of Ljubljana Marshes with sightseeing in the city center from your kayak.

Perhaps you would like to venture out and test the waters outside of Ljubljana? Kayaking along the Soča River, you will be able to discover its various clear emerald pools, exciting rapids, and breathtaking cascades.



Kayak through Slovenia’s underground

For a truly unforgettable experience on the water, descend into the underground mazes of Slovenia. Apart from natural caves, Slovenia’s mining tradition has left behind quite a few abandoned excavation sites that were gradually flooded. Thanks to this you can kayak through a labyrinth of passages, excavation sites, and stunning underground lakes. Apart from seeing the overwhelmingly beautiful underground world, you will also ride the original mining train to descend to the underground lakes, enjoy an authentic miner’s lunch and learn more about the miners’ lives under the Earth’s surface.

kajak v rudniku2

Rafting on Slovenia’s jewel-like rivers

If you’re looking for more of a collective experience, rafting just might be the thing for you. Explore Slovenia’s most beautiful rivers in the same boat with other adventure-seekers and an experienced guide who will make sure all the excitement does not interfere with your safety.

If Bled is on your itinerary, you can enhance the experience by exploring the Sava River and the incredible nature surrounding it. With the river’s various pools, cascades and rapids, you will get a taste of the full range of rafting thrills.


Any rafting enthusiast should pay a visit to Bovec, the watersport capital of Slovenia. From there you can head out on the Soča River, the emerald queen of Slovenian mountains. This crystal-clear and ice-cold river will provide the perfect scenery for a fun day on the water, offering a cool refuge from the summer heat. Great for a team-building activity with friends or colleagues, a fun trip for the whole family, or an opportunity for a solo traveler to meet new people. The incredible scenery and thrilling rapids of Soča are going to create a day to remember.


Climb, dive and slide through spectacular canyons

For the ultimate adventure, take a leap of faith and try out canyoning! With several amazing canyoning tours in Bled and Bohinj, there is something for everyone, beginners and more advanced adventurers alike.


Book an adventure through a stunning gorge like Grmečica, Jereka near Bled, or an awe-inspiring Sučec or Fratarica canyon in the Triglav National Park. Climbing down waterfalls, leaping from rocky edges into emerald pools, and sliding down natural toboggans will surely get your adrenaline pumping and put your skills to the test. Your guide will accompany you down the canyon and help you safely manoeuvre over rocks and pinpoint the best locations for jumping, swimming, and traversing down the canyon. The only question is, what will take your breath away more - the astonishing natural surroundings or the riveting dives into the deep pools?

By now it should be clear that forgetting to pack your bathing suit when visiting Slovenia would be a big mistake. But even if you do, it’s not a good enough reason to miss out on the abundance of amazing adventures you can have in Slovenian waters!