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Ever since I had found out about the wind tunnel opening in Logatec, a town 30 kilometers west of Ljubljana, I wanted to see what it is all about. I already jumped out of an airplane with a parachute and loved it, so I wanted to check this out as well and see how different from skydiving this experience is.

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Flying conditions close to skydiving

Professional skydivers use these kind of wind tunnels for trainings, as the flying conditions are close to the ones during skydiving.

A rainy day seems best to finally decided to visit and test this wind tunnel at Aerodium Logatec. My hubby and I booked the date and hour online and there was no turning back.

Let the adrenaline rush begin

When we came to Aerodium Logatec, we needed to fill out some papers, to confirm we are fit for doing this and to get some more information what wind tunnel is even all about. Later on we and few others, who wanted to try flying, were taken to a special class room, where our instructor showed us a video, the moves and explained everything we need to know, to be as best in flying as possible.

Before the real thing started, we got special equipment – flight suits, glasses, helmet, earplugs and gloves in the winter. Soon the adrenalin started to kick in.

It is not as easy as it seems

Watching instructor in the wind tunnel everything looked so easy, but seeing me in there, it was a completely different story.

The wind speed was somewhere between 170-190 kilometers per hour and because every move you do counts, you have to control your arms, head, legs and complete body as much as possible.

As soon as I was being tossed around like a bag of potato, my dreams of being a natural talent were crushed in seconds. The instructor was there to help and when everything was under control, I started to enjoy. I could easily imagine, why some people become hooked on these kind of activities.

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Two minutes of fun

Even though I was the worst flier in the group, I got some comfort words and explanations that flying is harder for women. I still am in doubt if this is true or was that just a nice consolation from the instructor, but nevertheless, I had loads of fun and this is all that matters at the end.

Simon and I have chosen the beginner flight package – 2 flights for 2 minutes. It might sounds little, but it was more than enough. Believe it or not, but the next day, my body was as soar as I’d spent one hour in the gym working my ass off.

Who can try the wind tunnel?

The wind tunnel in Aerodium Logatec is (almost) for everyone willing to try it. Even children, older than 4 years, can experience this adrenalin activity.

How to reach Aerodium Logatec?

You can reach Logatec by bus or train – both leaving from Ljubljana. The wind tunnel is based in industrial zone near the motorway A1 (Ljubljana-Koper), so you'll need to walk a bit before reaching it from the bus / train station. But if you'll rent a car, doing some daily trips out of Ljubljana that sure is the most comfortable way to reach Aerodium Logatec.

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