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The best thing about Ljubljana is you can wander around its picturesque and cobbled narrow streets in the old town and just few minutes later you can already be having a true wilderness adventure.

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The weather forecast for Ljubljana was sunny and because my hubby and I just cannot stay still, we decided to pack our kayak for a half day exploration on Ljubljanica River.

From Vrhnika to Ljubljana

Ljubljanica River rises in a town Vrhnika and slowly runs through Ljubljana Marshes, passing the city center of Ljubljana and outflows in the Sava River, just few kilometers from the capital. The total length of the river is 41 kilometers long.

Peace and quiet everywhere

Some enjoy Ljubljanica River for its relax mood, while others, us included, use it for kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and boating.

We started our adventure near Vrhnika as we live close by, but you can also start the trip from Ljubljana and do a tour towards Vrhnika. Being on the water early in the morning we had the river all to ourselves, what makes kayaking a perfect way of mediation. We could listen to birds singing and watching deer coming to the shore for drinking. Due to great biodiversity Ljubljanica River will intrigue everyone interested in nature - once in a while, we could even spot nutrias.

Ljubljanica River as a sacred place

Ljubljanica River had important role in history as well. In fact, the evidence shows it was once considered as a sacred place to locals. The river is well known between treasure hunters all around the world, looking for historical objects from different historical times – from ancient cultures to better known ones like Romans and Celts. It was never known, how many historically worth objects have been found in Ljubljanica River, but the archeologists are guessing there are at least few thousands. Some are now safely saved in museums, when the others belong to private collections – luckily some still waits to be discovered.

In 2003 the river was declared as a site of cultural importance and with that, diving was banned without a legal permit. Luckily the Ljubljanica River can still be used freely by everyone who appreciates nature and likes outdoor activities. Getting to know the river better and taking the time to explore it on a deeper level, you will definitely realize what a gem it is having it around.

Where to rent a kayak or book a kayaking tour in Ljubljana?

Renting a kayak or canoe is possible in Kajak-Kanu Club Ljubljana and costs 15 € for one day or 5 € for 2 hours.

If you don’t feel comfortable to be kayaking by yourself, you can book a guided tour with Iška Adventure and join kayaking on Ljubljanica River through the Ljubljana Marshes and all the way to Ljubljana’s city center.

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    When exploring Slovenia there is a lot to be said about the smaller towns, often offering more than meets the eye. Vrhnika, showcasing its history and nature in its brand new Ljubljanica River museum, is a good case in point. If you are a history lover, the ancient artifacts along with the story of how Vrhnika is transforming itself these days, will make for a compelling half-day trip.