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A small yet captivating hill just 20 km from Ljubljana crowned with an enchanting white church and views over the hilly countryside to the west of Slovenia’s capital. With an easy hiking trail leading through a forest, it’s recommended for families and those seeking a relaxing outdoor adventure throughout the year.

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From a baroque mansion to a panoramic hilltop

Slovenia, a country of enormous diversity, doesn’t disappoint even in a tiny settlement of just 3.92 km2 and 613 inhabitants. Polhov Gradec’s rich history goes way back to the 13th century with a beautiful mansion built two centuries later, now turned into a museum. Being the cultural heart of Polhov Gradec, the mansion houses a museum of their 800-year history, a technical museum of telecommunications in Slovenia with and an interactive corner for children, while it also holds a wine bar of fine Slovenian wines.

And right there below the mansion is the bus stop, where you will hop off and start your hike to a charming white church at the top of St. Lovrenc hill, 824 m. More information on city buses.

Kids love it here! It’s a sort of natural outdoor playground for the little ones and the trail just demanding enough to keep it interesting. When you throw delicious honey products at the trailhead into the mix (yes, there is also honey flavored chocolate), their motivation should stay afloat regardless of an elevation of 447m ahead.

On the trail

Once you pass the mansion, just follow a path on the left. The trail is essentially a walk in the forest with a few steps my mother-in-law labeled as difficult, but the kids climbed over enthusiastically. It’s the kind of trail you can’t get lost, while the kids, if they are anything like mine, will enjoy climbing over branched roots, picking rocks, fine dusty sand and sticks, while playing hide and seek behind countless trees. If they get tired on the way, you can take a rest on a bench at about two thirds of the way, or - even better – in a sunny meadow less than 10 minutes from the top.

Incredible views from the top of the hill

The hike should not take more than an hour and a half one way, while the views from the top are simply amazing. Picture yourself in the very heart of a hilly countryside with rolling hills every way you look; that’s exactly what awaits you at the top of St. Lovrenc. The best part? You’ll find it just 20 km from Ljubljana. If you are luckier than me, you’ll pick a clearer day for photography to truly encapsulate the beauty of the landscape and fill your family album with great pictures to relive fond memories.

Hopefully, your St. Lovrenc hike turns out as special as it has for me and my family.

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