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I’ve been living in Ljubljana all my life and it never ceases to amaze me. I feel I’m privileged to live in a city like Ljubljana and I still firmly believe it’s one of the best places to live.


It’s clean and eco-friendly

Take a look around, there’s not much trash anywhere. We diligently separate our waste and frown upon those who litter. There are many local shops that have completely switched from plastic bags to paper or biodegradable and a lot of us carry a reusable bag with us. We also closed down the city centre for traffic so we can breathe cleaner air.

It’s green and sporty

My favourite time in Ljubljana is in late spring, when it’s already warm, but not too hot and you can enjoy strolling around in Ljubljana’s numerous parks and nearby hills where you can stumble upon many joggers and hikers, which are a constant reminder that you, too, should really start working out. The Ljubljana jungle is also a lovely home for many furry and feathery creatures like coypus, swans, ducks and also bats. We tend to get along just nicely.

It’s a bicycle-friendly city

Cycling is truly my favourite way of getting around Ljubljana. It’s simple, fast and because Ljubljana is mostly flat, it’s not exactly a struggle. You can get from one side of town to other in roughly 20 minutes. I can always get a spot where I can “park” my bike and it costs me close to nothing. The number of bike lanes is already satisfactory, but there are new ones emerging often, making cycling in Ljubljana faster and safer.

It’s arty

Ljubljana has so many arty spots, not just the usual museums and galleries, I’m also talking about street art and those little indie shops that I love. I feel like every street and every neighbourhood has a different vibe. There are so many places to be and things to see such as art fairs, street theatre, art and culture inspired bicycle tours. In the Christmas time, festive lights are a real treat and are like nothing you’ve seen before.

It’s easy-going

Life in Ljubljana isn’t as hectic as in other cities across the globe. We always find time for our friends and family and we take our free time seriously, so when you walk around Ljubljana centre in the middle of the day, you’ll see that cafés and restaurants are mostly full. Yep, grabbing a bite to eat is serious business. Two hour lunches and four-hour coffee sessions are pretty much the usual – for me at least. But to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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  • naslovna hobotnice

    You can call it vandalism or you can call it art, one thing is for certain: Ljubljana is rich with creative street art and colourful graffiti. Some are just regular funny writings on the wall and some are true art pieces that should probably hang in someone’s living room. Take a walk around town and see them for yourself.