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Numerous waterfalls that plunge from twenty to five metres down, emerald green pools of fresh water, thick forests, and a great restaurant serving fresh trout.

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Although the name Hell Gorge (also Pekel Gorge; Slovene: soteska Pekel) implies that we enter something chaotic and scary, you can expect anything but that. Instead, you can take a relaxing and utterly romantic walk up a cascading narrow stream, beautiful waterfalls, refreshing green pools, and striking overhanging walls. Its name, however, supposedly rather implies the force of nature evident right after very strong rains, when the otherwise calm Borovniščica stream turns wild and turbulent, while the gorge becomes dark and mysterious. On a normal day, the Hell Gorge calls for a relaxing day in pristine nature.

It’s perfect for summer chilling as it’s a few degrees cooler than the city (and less than 30 kilometres from Ljubljana!), while also ice climbing on frozen sculptures of the five waterfalls in the winter is thrilling, and anything in between.

Quick stats for the trail: 220 metres of ascent, marked for 2 hours. The highest waterfall is the fifth, dropping 20 meters down. A note for the wise: wear hiking shoes!

If the trail in the Hell Gorge starts as an easy path along the stream, passing the first – smallest - 5-meter-high waterfall, and then the second 16-meter-high waterfall, it turns much steeper after that. It ascends to the other three waterfalls using nicely secured steps, and in some spots steel cables. For the return you can choose another easier trail that takes you down through steep forest terrain instead.

If you’re taking the bus (more information on city buses, map), just get off at the Borovnica bus stop and enjoy the hike!

Sorodne zgodbe

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    A lonely hill to the north of the city, Šmarna Gora is not only one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ljubljana, but also a place for great photography, spectacular views, food, and relaxation. The most fascinating time to visit? Definitely morning.