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Rejoice, the cycling season is upon us! It’s time to stretch our legs, oil our bike chains and hit the road. Join us, why don’t you! Ljubljana is such a perfect place for exploring on a bicycle, but did you know, there are themed bike paths scattered around the city? Like the Waterfront Path which allows you to follow the Ljubljanica river along its course in search of hidden gems. Intrigued? Continue reading …


Pick your theme …

It’s true, cycling is the best way to get around Ljubljana, it’s cheap, quick, safe and not exactly physically demanding. There are four themed bicycle paths that are just perfect for either sightseeing or simply enjoying the lush nature (we have plenty of that in Ljubljana). The Forest path takes you around Rožnik hill, Plečnik path is fantastic for architecture enthusiasts as it takes you all around town, where you get to visit some of the most important masterpieces made by our beloved architect Jože Plečnik. There is also the well-known Path of Remembrance and Comradeship and of course the Waterfront path, because cycling along the Ljubljanica river is our thing. Check out this map, where all four of them are presented, so there’s no fear of you getting lost.

… or take my advice.

I simply must recommend the Waterfront Path as it’s my favourite. It’s 12 kilometres long, which is not too extreme. The beauty of this path is the fact that it's meant to take you away from heavy traffic and crowds, because let's be honest - there's more to Ljubljana than just Prešeren square. You can easily follow the path by checking out blue signposts that will lead you into the right direction. When in doubt – just follow the river. The Waterfront Path is such a lovely and calm path, it combines the best of green and urban Ljubljana and is especially remarkable during the warmer months, when you’re surrounded by greenery. It takes you from the city centre to the eastern part of town (and back) and lets you explore all the chill out spots on the way.

You know, like Špica, a popular spot where you can relax at the café with a nice cup of your favourite beverage and do some sunbathing. Don’t forget the steps at Trnovski pristan embankment where you can relax under the willow trees, get really close to the water and admire all the ducks and nutria rats passing by. Just don’t fall in! Also the view on said steps is remarkable, especially from the Hradecky Bridge. As a matter of fact, more or less every bridge in Ljubljana gives you an opportunity for a perfect selfie background. The views are simply fantastic.

Don’t forget to add the Botanic Garden to your itinerary, it’s on your way and a must visit for all of you flowery types. A home of so many tropical plants, you’ll think you left Ljubljana and went to Sri Lanka.

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, continue your way east where trees grow denser and crowds get fewer. Perhaps you’ll even make it to the end of the path, at the Fužine Castle. If you’re not too tired, visit the Museum of Architecture and Design located there. Otherwise, just pick a bench and put your feet up.

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