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The answer is easy. Try them all and see which one will please you best. I’ll share my own favorite spots in town and give you a tip or two about where to find special flavors and unique delicacies that are worth trying.

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A wide range of home made ice creams, which are made without artificial colors, powders or even preservatives. Their fruit ice creams contain 100 % fresh fruit or puree. My favorite one is mango or a delicious pistachio – with famous Sicily pistachios, but I would suggest trying the special ones, which are a bit more sophisticated – black sesame, Gorgonzola with walnuts or the green tea one.


Creamy and rich ice cream – one of the best in Ljubljana. There you can find some innovative flavor mixes, for example: Vigò (mascarpone with chocolate, Nutella and hazelnuts) or Cheesecake (fresh cream cheese, strawberries, cookies and chocolate bites). They also have some nice ice cream desserts and the only bad thing there is the decision making process when you have so many great options.

P.S. Go for the chocolate/white chocolate topping – there is no extra charge

Kavarna Cacao

With many delicious flavors to choose from, Cacao nearly always has a queue in front, but it moves quickly. They are well known for their terrace atmosphere and wide offer of sweets and desserts. First-class ingredient ice creams will definitely please you and if you are looking for more – ask for the cups, alcoholic ice cream drinks, ice cream cakes and fruit cups. All are worth trying and coming back.


One of the best-known confectioneries in Ljubljana also has some very enjoyable ice creams. They will spoil you with exquisite chocolate and creamy flavors as well as with special vegan ones without any preservatives. The special ones are especially suitable for food allergies since they are based on rice milk. Ask for the Quella ice cream, which combines two flavors. For example you can order mango with white chocolate, raspberry with dark chocolate or white chocolate with wafers and hazelnut.

Ice Wave

You have sure seen the Ice cream rolls video somewhere on the Internet and Ljubljana now has its own Ice cream show! Revolutionary ice cream made on a frozen plate in front of your eyes in order to prepare incredible waves. They are using Greek yogurt as a base so the ice cream itself is fat free and the final nutritional value depends on the mixings and toppings. Fresh and cool and they have pancakes as well.


Urban Ice cream shop where you can pour yourself a devouring soft serve (in 8 different flavors – Greek yogurt, chocolate, fleur de latte, lemon) and make it perfect with toppings, as you love them. The toppings are what makes the place special - variety of fruits, sweet sauces, cookies, meringues, chocolate pieces, colorful bonbons etc. Perfect for kids. The price is based on the weight of the ice cream, so the more toppings you add, the higher price you pay.

Everyone knows there’s nothing better on a warm afternoon than a tasty ice cream or gelato. All of the listed are no more than 5 minutes’ walk away from the Ljubljana city centre so no excuses! :)

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