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WOOP! Ljubljana Trampolin Park offers 3500 square meters of unadulterated fun for the whole family. In the air. Here are our tips to plan a great visit.

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Kids recommend WOOP! Ljubljana Trampolin Park

While I know about museums and galleries, my girls are experts on what they believe constitutes real “fun and excitement”.

So, it was them who have told me about this huge trampoline park in Ljubljana. Repeatedly. They have heard great things from their friends, who have visited numerous times. I finally decided to take a look at the website. They had me at more than 100 trampolines.

Now that I’ve got you hooked too, let’s talk about visiting.

Where is it?

It’s located in the BTC City Ljubljana, one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, more aptly described as a city within a city. Aside from a variety of shops, it has lots of restaurants, cafes, cinemas, a water park, etc…

Woop stands just opposite the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana.

You can reach it:
• by car: they have a huge parking lot next to it.
• By bus: take number 7 or 27.

When to go?

It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday. But check their site for detailed opening times.

We decided to visit the largest trampoline park in Slovenia and jump, skip, hop over the routine of a long boring school week.

You might want to come over to spice up the ordinary sightseeing. With kids or without. Or to weather a summer storm. Or just because you love to jump on trampolines.


These depend on how much time you want to spend at the park. I don’t have a suggestion. We had 90 minutes and I was beat after 60, well, after 30 I started slowing down. But my kids could’ve stayed the night there, no problem.

You can choose from these options:

  • First time 60 minutes (because you have to pay for a smart bracelet and jumping socks.) = 17,5 EUR
  • First time 90 minutes (because you have to pay for a smart bracelet and jumping socks.) = 22,5 EUR

Once you have the smart bracelet and jumping socks, which are designed to make your jumps safer, you get to keep them and have them for all your repeated visits. Then the prices are:

  • 60 minutes = 12,5 EUR
  • 90 minutes = 17,5 EUR

Is it safe?

From what we’ve experienced, the park takes safety seriously.

Upon your arrival, you have to sign a waiver. If you are visiting with kids under 15 (and you can visit with kids as young as three, but ages 3 – 6 must be accompanied by a participating adult) you sign one for them. This basically says you will obey the rules of the park.

And before you can start jumping, you have to watch a video explaining these rules and regulations of the park, as to avoid injuries.

Once inside the trampoline area, the staff is on hand to warm you up, make sure you follow the rules and should you need, to explain how certain parts are used.

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Best part?

Depends on who in our family is answering the question. The kids were crazy about running on the trampoline and jumping into the foam pit, swinging on the trapeze and the two of us enjoyed pretending to be NBA stars and dunking balls into the hoops by bouncing from the trampoline.

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