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Traveldudes had quite a journey when they visited Ljubljana and Central Slovenia in May 2016. Apart from many outdoor adventures they had, they also took time to explore the food scene. They made a series of three videos about it. The first one is a great overview of Ljubljana's restaurant scene.

Beef Tartar at at AS Aperitivo

Check out what's cooking in Ljubljana. In this video Traveldudes visit some of the most popular Ljubljana restaurants and get a good taste of what's currently in vogue on Ljubljana's plates. You can check out the offerings in quite different price ranges here.

Gastronomy in Ljubljana is characterized by great diversity. All-time classics mingle with local tradition while the importance of quality fresh ingredients is quite universal. Currently burgers and grilled meat are on the rise, but you can always taste something light as locally produced vegetables are available everywhere. For instance, you can have lunch at the famous promenade along the Ljubljanica river and dinner in a traditional Slovenian restaurant, as Traveldudes did.

Tasting traditional Slovenian Cuisine in Ljubljana, Slovenia [Best Food in Slovenia]

What's up guys and welcome back to Travel Dudes channel!! In this video, we take you back to Ljubljana, Slovenia and begin to explore some of the local cuiai...


Also, check out their article about 8 delicious must visit restaurants in Ljubljana.

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    Anyone can walk through the centre of Ljubljana and enjoy some great food but you can do so much more and experience a really unforgettable trip. How? Check out what Travel Dudes did in Ljubljana.