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Every time Simon and I travel to a foreign country, we try to visit places, which are off the beaten path and overlooked by most tourists. This way we do not just get to know the visited country on a deeper level, we often enjoy the hidden gems more than places everyone catches on their cameras.

If you feel the same as we do, you should visit a small village of Polhov Gradec, when visiting Ljubljana. The place is hardly noticed by foreign tourists, so prepare yourself for a well-kept secret.

Polhov Gradec might be small – it has only a little bit more than 600 inhabitants, but because of its diverse offer, you could easily spend one complete day there.

So, why would you even consider visiting Polhov Gradec?

1. Polhov Gradec Mansion

One of the most recognizable buildings in Polhov Gradec is without a doubt the Polhov Gradec Mansion. It was built in 15th Century and renovated in 18th Century. The main architecture style is Baroque, which can best be seen from the beautiful chapel on the first floor.

The mansion is a cultural center for the locals and visitors. Inside of it is a wedding hall, two museums, wine cellar and exciting experience, which you can take part – tea party with the Count Blagaj. There’s even a small garden / park, which is especially nice during the summer months. You can get married in the middle of it or read a book in its library under the treetops.

2. Museum of Post and Telecommunications

Everyone who likes museums should visit the Museum of Post and Telecommunications. It can be found in the first and second floor of the mansion and is part of a bigger Technical Museum of Slovenia.

The museum is nicely made for kids as well. They can follow a story throughout the museum and learn how people communicated before smartphones, tablets and computers. At the end, there’s even an interactive kids corner, where they can test what they have learned while touring the museum.

The museum is also equipped with Braille.

3. Hiking trails

Slovenia offers full of hiking possibilities and two family friendly trails are also in Polhov Gradec. You can hike up to St. Lovrenc (824 m) or Grmada (676 m), both with stunning views, reaching all the way to the Alpine mountain range.

4. Stations of the Cross

Slovenia’s main religion is Rome Catholic and when driving around the countryside, this cannot stay unseen due to numerous churches. People in small villages, like Polhov Gradec, have always been very religious and that is also why the Station of the Cross (Kalvarija) is set just above the village. Take a hike and enjoy the views down the village.

5. St. Peter's Church

Are you keen on churches and their interiors? Make sure to stop at the village Dvor - the last village before reaching Polhov Gradec. St. Peter’s Church was built in 16th century and is known as one of the most beautiful Late Gohtic examples in Slovenia.

If you are looking for peace, green meadows, fresh air, local and authentic feel, Polhov Gradec is the place to be. A day trip from Ljubljana to Polhov Gradec (Bus line 51 from Ljubljana main bus station) will for sure be a nice change from the city life, which Ljubljana offers.

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