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Coffee! You'll sleep when you're dead! Especially when Ljubljana's coffee scene is expanding every day and picking a place to go get your caffeine fix is getting harder and harder. And it's not just about your regular espresso, it's time to say hello to chemex, cold brew or aeropress. Here are my tips for your next buzz.



Ah, Cafetino. It's not very large and it's actually easy to miss, because there's no shop's name outside. But once you find it, feel free to curl up with a nice cup of frothy latte. It's so mild and milky you could bathe in it, if they had a cup big enough. Have a delicious brownie too while you’re at it. Also, Turkish coffee, which is very popular among Slovenians is veeery good here. So much better than the one I make at home.

Stow Speciality Coffee Shop

Quite a new place, located inside the City Museum. Beautiful minimalistic interior, glass walls, cobblestone floor. The space is interestingly curved and it has a view on the museum’s courtyard. They roast their own coffee, which tastes great by the way, plus the staff is very knowledgeable. It’s my new favourite place.

Kavarna Moderna

Another one located inside a museum (are museum coffee shops a new thing?), this time at a Museum of Modern Art. Cool décor, lots of coffee choices and different coffee preparation methods available. Order a slice of raw cake along with your cup o’ joe, listen to smooth jazzy music and relax. Outdoor seating is available in warmer months, where you have a nice view on the Orthodox Church on one side and Tivoli Park on the other.

Café Čokl

You want to know everything about how to prepare coffee, how to buy coffee, how to drink coffee? Go here. The friendly and knowledgeable owner will tell you everything there is to know about the most popular drink on the planet. He is super passionate about fair trade coffee so why not order cold brew Buna coffee. It’s fair trade of course and available here or at the fair trade shop 3Muhe. The place is quite tiny, but luckily there’s at least outdoor seating during warmer months, take a sip and observe the clock tower on the Puppet Theatre. Every full hour Martin Krpan comes out and does a little dance.


This retro hipster place is perfect in the summer months, when you can chill under the trees, do some people watching and drink cold brew Ruster coffee with rice milk. A healthier alternative to those sugary iced coffees with ice cream (which I also love, but don’t tell that to anyone). Great espresso too and amazing avocado sandwiches.

Črno zrno

Črno Zrno (which means Black Bean) on Gornji trg opened in March 2017. This tiny but beautifully decorated shop offers only the best beans from various parts of Colombia. Coffee so good you'll start speaking Spanish. Feel free to buy a pack of beans as well, so you can take the Colombian buzz home with you.

Needless to say, café hopping is one of my favourite activities. And it is to so many other Ljubljana residents, just try to find an empty café seat on a beautiful day in early spring. If you find one, I’ll treat you a cup. How do you take yours?

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